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Siren's Pull; Taken Characters


The List
A list of taken characters for Siren's Pull. The list is in alphabetical order by series and character surname. Because of size limit the list has been broken up into three pages.

A - G | H - O | P - Z

Main Page

If you've been accepted to the game, please fill out the information in the text box below. Your comment will show up as a text box to make it easier for mods to update the list, so don't worry about that!


[rules | faq | mod information | player contact | suggestion box]

[wanted characters | taken characters | reserves | applications]

[drop/hiatus | starter apartment listing | housing/jobs/vehicles | affiliation list/request | news notification post]

[basic world info | in-depth world info | maps and locations | bestiary and darkness guide | npc info and contact | bounty hunting info]


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