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Siren's Pull; Character Reserves

Reserves are CURRENTLY OPEN.



NEW: Only 50 places will be reserved! After 50 spots have been filled, we will not take anymore officially on the list. The first 50 reserves will be permitted to post their application on the 1st of FEBRUARY. No one outside of these 50 people, appearing on the list below, may submit applications on FEBRUARY 1st.

After 24 hours, if there are still application slots open, anyone may apply until 50 applications have been taken.

Due to SP being in endgame-mode, TWO reservations per player will be accepted.

If you have made a reserve and decide you will not be applying, please reply to your reserve comment asking to be removed. We will remove your reserve and place the person next in line on the reserve list. You may continue to post holds for reserves even after the reserve spots are full. IF someone drops the person next in line will be taken. If your name is not on the Official List by the first of the month you do not hold an official reserve and can only apply after the first 24 hours that applications are open.

The reserves page will open at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST/GMT -7). Any reserves posted before this time will be deleted without notice, so please pay attention to the time! This is to give everyone an equal chance at posting their reserve.

Remember, you CAN post an application with out a reserve, after the first of the month. Character challenges can only be done during the Reserve stages. Once applications are open and reserves are closed, challenges can not be made. When a challenge has been made only those on the reserve page may post their applications. Challenged applications will be processed once all challenges are in or after applications have closed.

All reserves will be cleared at the end of the open app cycle on the 8th of each month in preparation for the next open month.

If reservers, current or prospective, have any questions, please contact a mod via IM, PM, or email, and we'll be happy to answer specific questions about your reserve.

PLEASE REMEMBER!: Siren's Pull is a fast moving game with a high turn over rate. Because of this we ask that you make sure you are positive you want to play your character! We all want people who can put the time, effort and interest into playing. These new reserve and application measures have gone into effect because of such high game demand. We're trying to be fair to everyone so please take that into consideration when you apply.

Also, a lot of people track the Reserves Page. We understand that players get very excited over new reserves, but please refrain from posting large amounts of comments on any given reserve. In particular, please avoid roleplaying and carrying on long conversations on the reserves page, as these kinds of things can make the reserves page confusing for page maintainers and other players or prospective players. Thank you.

Please use this form to post your reserve with.
The text box helps maintainers in posting your reserve!

Currently Reserved Characters: 28

Ace Attorney
character name: Franziska von Karma
character import: [personal profile] whippings @ [community profile] sirenspull
name: Tash
contact info: PM this journal!

character name: Jake Marshall
name: Meta
contact info: [ profile] metathepanda

character name: Larry Butz
character import: [personal profile] laurice @ [community profile] sirenspull
name: Auste
contact info: truthstealer @ AIM; auste @ plurk

Axis Powers Hetalia
character name: France (Francis Bonnefoy)
name: Meta
contact info: [ profile] metathepanda

Being Human (UK)
character name: Hal Yorke
name: Sam
contact info: a little bit anal (aim)

character name: Szayel Aporro Granz
name: Skyla
contact info: [ profile] SkylaDoragono

character name: Yoruichi Shihouin
name: Scath
contact info: PM or [ profile] scath

The Chronicles of Narnia
Character Name: Peter Pevensie
name: empress
contact info: pm @ [personal profile] fulgentem / empressofcool @ plurk

character name: Susan Pevensie
name: Katsie
contact info: [personal profile] sweet_tea jades @ plurk

DC Comics
character name: Conner Kent
character import: Siren's Pull memories
name: Rylie
contact info: PM riseandletgo

Final Fantasy XIII
character name: Hope Estheim
name: Shamera
contact info: aim: kl0tho

Golden Sun
character name: Tyrell
character import: [personal profile] tinderfoot @ [community profile] sirenspull
name: Tash
contact info: PMing this journal is fine!

character name: Kanaya Maryam
name: Senri
contact info: Sushiflop@AIM

House MD
character name: Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley
name: Nic
contact info: [ profile] herpexia

Kingdom Hearts
character name: Aqua
character import: [personal profile] rainprism @ [community profile] sirenspull
name: Suika
contact info: AIM & plurk - 'firegleam'

character name: Grell | [personal profile] kissthegrell
name: Allison-Maire
contact info:

Les Misérables
character name: Javert
character import: [personal profile] unmocked_lawr @ [personal profile] damned
name: Ireny
contact info: email: bubonicwoodchuck[at]gmail, plurk: simplyirenic

character name: Ritsuka Aoyagi
character import: [personal profile] truename @ [community profile] sirenspull
name: Liam
contact info: PM [personal profile] truename or [ profile] alienchrist

Marvel Universe
character name: Taskmaster
name: Mado
contact info: AIM: Ruckusfilled or Misterknife @ Plurk

character name: Nina Fortner
character import: [personal profile] herausgesucht @ [community profile] sirenspull
name: Jaina
contact info: aim: JainaX

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
character name: Fluttershy
name: Em
contact info: [personal profile] cafune

character name: Naruto Uzumaki
name: Mel
contact info: PM [personal profile] senjulegacy

Pandora Hearts
character name: Lily Baskerville
name: Jensen [personal profile] walking_horse_girl
contact info: [personal profile] walking_horse_girl AIM: blazingchilipony

Provost's Guard series by Tamora Pierce
character name: Rebekah 'Beka' Cooper
name: Bit
contact info: Email:, Plurk: Shisui_Cross

character name: Anna Milton
name: Marie
contact info: hollowwithyou @ AIM / loftarasa @ plurk

character name: Balthazar
name: Bridgie
contact info: [personal profile] wugglyump (rarely used), Wugglyump @ plurk, or email at

Twilight Saga
character name: Bella Swan
name: Ely
contact info: [personal profile] lascivio | runsinthefamily @ plurk | crushsugar @ AIM

character name: Edward Cullen
name: Jessie
contact info: PM will be the best way to reach me but I'm on AIM every now and then under "betterinorange"


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