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APPLICATIONS are currently OPEN for RESERVES and will open for applications without reserves NOVEMBER 2nd.

Today used to be just like any other day.

Really it was, at least until you felt a sensation like something in the atmosphere pushed down, enveloped you whole, and sent you flying into the stratosphere, through the void, pressing and crushing and dropping you on the ground in a whole new world.

So today used to be just like any other day.

Except now you're standing in an abandoned baseball diamond with your head spinning, your muscles aching, and your ears ringing. The signs on the walls around you say 'you're screwed, newmeat' and 'welcome to Siren's Port - good luck with the darkness, newbs.'

This is definitely not home.

A little more information and a rest later, and you discover you've been pulled by some cosmic malfunction into the world of Siren's Port - a city locked away from the world where anyone who's not quite human, who doesn't belong, is shunted off and held captive by a strange force called the Pull so they don't interfere with society. A city rife with slavery, human experimentation, and every vice available to man. The only way home? Join up with one of the shady and not necessarily morally correct factions that run the City.

Or maybe you could accept your lot and settle down like most of the citizens do.

The choice is up to you.


Siren's Pull is a panfandom roleplaying game set in the dystopian city of Siren's Port. You take on the role of a newcomer to the City, pulled from another dimension, another world, another reality, subject to the Pull of the City and held captive by the Core (also known as the Siren) until someone can figure out a way to get everyone out.

Because everyone wants out. The City is subject to a nightly 'Darkness' that pits citizens against monsters, if they choose to be out at night. Society is rife with vice and moral decay, and over it all hangs two factions - SERO and Afterglow, Inc. - two factions with their own agendas and freedom in mind, neither with the cleanest record.

Which side will you choose? Or will you choose neutrality? Will you fight to escape, or will you make the best of your new life? Double-agent or finding true love?

Where you go from here is completely up to you.

Siren's Pull has many facets ranging from plot-heavy war games and strategic roleplaying to survival horror to simple light-hearted character interaction and events. Any playing style or objective is welcome.


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