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Siren's Pull; frequently asked questions


Quick Links

General FAQ
What is panfandom/multi-fandom? What characters are allowed to be applied for?
Can I play an original character?

How many characters am I allowed to play in Siren's Pull?
How does the activity check work?

Is there an age limit?
What is the in-game timeline? What time zone is Siren's Pull set in?

What is the rating of the game? What is allowed and what isn't?
Does this game have random events? Are they mandatory?

What sort of plot should we expect? What plots need mod approval?
Is there an OOC chat room? Is there an IC chat room? Is chat a requirement to play?

Character FAQ
Can I play non-humanoid or mute characters?
My character canonly has a pet or other non-humanoid companion, can I bring it here?

My character has a cell phone/iPod/PDA/laptop in canon? Will that work in Siren's Port?
What happens to dropped characters? What happens if I apply for a dropped character?

Are multiple versions of the same character allowed?
Am I able to import my character from another game? How does it work?

Can we canon update characters? How does it work?
Can we do a character reset? How does it work?

What has happened to my character within their canon timeline? Will canonmates notice they were missing?
Is there an age limit for characters?

Are there power limitations in Siren's Pull?
What if my character has no special abilities? Won't he or she be at a disadvantage?

My character canonly reads manga/plays video games/has a lot of knowledge about fictional people. Can my character break the fourth wall?
What if my character dies? Do I have to start all over?

Posting FAQ
How are journal entries posted in a community-based game?
How are OOC posts and logs posted?

How do the faction-specific communities work for SERO and Afterglow, Inc?
What sort of posts should be done on faction-specific communities?

What should my character's journal be used for? Are there required posts?
How do journal posts work in-character? What is my character using to post? What type of posts can be made?

Can quick action posts be done on character journal entries?
What are tags, and how are they used in Siren's Pull?

Are private or filtered posts allowed? Are characters able to hack?
Are logs done over IM acceptable? What about in-character IM conversations?


What is panfandom/multi-fandom? What characters are allowed to be applied for?
Panfandom is a type of game that allows characters from different series to mingle in the same setting. In Siren's Pull, characters from any series are allowed, whether it's manga/animé, video games, books, movies, cartoons, sitcoms, live action series, webcomics - you name it, we accept it. So long as the source material has been published, and there is at least one strong English resource (whether an information link or the source material itself), you can apply for the character.

Please note: Due to a number of questions regarding this type of thing, we have decided that protagonists in first person shooter and similar games, where the player decides the majority of the character's decisions, gender, appearance, or other similar qualities at the start of the game are not allowed to be played, due to the subjective nature of their characterization. Examples of this type of character would be the protagonists of Fallout 3, Mass Effect, or Rookie from Halo. Examples of the type of silent protagonist who would be allowed include Souji Seta from Persona 4 (there is supplementary manga information) or Link from the Legend of Zelda series (there is supplementary manga and player choices for his actions are very limited).

Can I play an original character?
We have made an executive decision to disallow original characters from Siren's Pull, to avoid complications. All non-fandom City residents will be assumed to be NPCs.

How many characters am I allowed to play in Siren's Pull?
Players may initially apply for two characters; however, after passing your first activity check, the character limit will rise to five characters. In the case of people who want more than five, we may consider adding a sixth slot if the player has all five previous characters active and we feel they're capable of handling another.

Additionally, players may only apply for two characters from any given canon. As with the overall character limit, though, there may be some exceptions to this rule depending on particular canon situations, but these exceptions must be discussed with a mod. Please keep in mind that two characters from one canon may not be closely related to the extent that they would need to interact directly, or have to interact indirectly through another character.

Speaking of activity check, how does that work?
We will be posting an activity check once a month where we will request links to your characters' recent activity in the game, as well as a quick rundown of your characters' plot involvement. This is to ensure that no character is getting 'squatted' on or left to go inactive. Please note: if we notice a character is consistently posting only once or twice directly before Activity Check in order to stay in the game and is otherwise inactive, we may contact the player in question and discuss activity guidelines.

What sort of player restrictions are there? Is there an age limit?
All players must be 16 years of age or older because of various adult themes that may be present in the game. It is set in a gritty place with not a lot of morals, and many things are legal in Siren's Port that may not be elsewhere - from brothels to slaving to drugs. Because of this, we'd like to be sure all players are old enough to be allowed to deal with these kinds of topics.

What is the in-game timeline at Siren's Pull? What time zone is it set in?
In Siren's Pull, time runs one in-game day to one real life day or realtime. The game is set just off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, so it will be running on the PST time zone (west coast time, to make it easier for players located in North America). Please keep this in mind when making posts, as your character will be operating in PST even if you aren't.

On this note, feel free to work in initial jet lag or other similar concerns for characters who are located in other time zones or on other planets. It might be fun to play out!

What is the rating of this game? What's allowed and what's not?
This game is rated NC-17 or something similar. Nearly anything is allowed, though please check with the mods for anything that might be squicky/taboo or doesn't make biological sense (such as incest, rape, child abuse, mpreg). Other adult topics are allowed without impunity - all sexual preferences or genders are allowed and welcomed, characters may experiment with drugs or other substances, violence and gang warfare are a given considering the setting. Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll are welcome, but please friends-lock the sex and drugs. Rock'n'roll doesn't require a friends-lock, no matter how bad your garage band is.

Does this game have random events? Are they mandatory?
Siren's Pull will have random events. They may be serious, they may be cracky and funny, depending on what the game needs or the mood going on at any given time. These events are not mandatory, and we will always leave a way that your character can avoid being part of an event if you choose not to participate. Most events will be strange status effects or changes to your character on a temporary basis due to various experiments, chemical leaks, a mysterious vendor, or other reasons, so you can avoid them if you choose to have your character avoid the source of the weird circumstances.

What sort of plots can we expect? Does every plot need to be run by a mod? What can I plan on my own?
While the game does have a major overarcing plot and two sides that are competing for the same end, making it effectively a war game, it is perfectly possible to play in the structure of the game without getting involved in either the major plot of the game or the competition. This game is here to have fun in, and whatever level of involvement in world plot you choose is perfectly acceptable, from in-depth megalomaniacal scheming to joining just to play a ship out. Most character and player driven plots will be accepted and we more than encourage players to make plot for themselves in any way they see fit. The only time that mods request to be involved in these plots is if they destroy more of the city than one apartment building, or if they make major changes to how Siren's Port works in general.

Mind you, you don't have to contact us just so we can say no - we, as mods, welcome large player-driven plots that have a chance of changing the world of Siren's Pull. We'd just like to know these things in advance so we can adapt the overarching plot to accommodate. We can't guarantee a yes every time, but believe us when we say we're good at plot adaptation...and we love a challenge. :)

To give an example of what sort of things are completely acceptable to approach a mod with and have a chance of succeeding: in the FAQ stage of the game, we have been approached by prospective players asking whether they could assassinate the heads of the factions, or hack their way out of the City network to send a message to the outside world. In both cases, we've come up with functional plot adaptations that, while having a tangible effect on the world of Siren's Pull to show that the players have accomplished something, still fit the overall plot of the game, in a way that allowed us to say 'yes, if your character can realistically do it, then by all means, do it.'

Is there an OOC chat room? Is the chat room required to play in the game? Will there be an IC chat room?
We're setting up an OOC chat room on AIM for socializing, plotting, and discussing the game and characters. The chat room will be called sirenspull and is completely optional. We just tend to find that having a chat room allows players to get better acquainted and figure out overarching plots in a relaxed environment.

Rules for use of the chat room will be listed on the rules page.

We may have occasional IC chat rooms set in a neutral location for random character interactions, with the logs to be posted afterward, but these will not be mandatory.


Can I play non humanoid characters like sentient animals? What about mute characters or characters unable to communicate?
These types of characters are definitely allowed in the game, so long as you can come up with a creative and functional way for them to communicate and become involved in the game as a playable character. Some examples of non-humanoid creatures that could be apped as playable characters: Mushu from Disney's Mulan, Meowth from the Pokémon animated series, Kon from Bleach, Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII, Luna from Sailor Moon, many Digimon from Digimon

My character canonly has a pet or other non-humanoid companion, can I bring it here?
Characters who have a non-sentient companion animal or other creature may bring that creature to Siren's Port. Please use common sense regarding what sort of pet would be sentient, as some of them might have enough characterization to become a playable character. Some examples of pets considered non-sentient: Morph from Disney's Treasure Planet, Mugetsu or Tanpopo from xxxHolic, Carpet from Disney's Aladdin, Ship from Ben Ten, Nagini/Hedwig/Crookshanks/other familiar animals from Harry Potter, Ein from Cowboy Bebop, many Pokémon from the Pokémon animated series

My character has a cell phone/PDA/laptop computer/game system they're constantly using in canon. Will it still work in Siren's Pull?
Your character may keep any PDA, cell phone, laptop, game system, or other nifty portable device they have on them when they're pulled from canon. These devices will be functional and you can assume that a charger can be purchased or built on commission within the City. Please keep in mind that if your character is from a very advanced or alien home canon, they will have to commission a charger to be altered or specially built, and it will be very costly. For something like a Sony PSP, iPod, current cell phone, or any normally available current day laptop, finding a charger would be as easy as going into the local electronics shop and buying one. Games for current modern gaming systems would also be available - if your gamer nerd wants to buy more games for their DS Lite or Sony PSP, games would be available in the City.

However, any devices with internet connectivity such as laptops with wireless, will receive an error message when trying to connect. This also applies to cell phones - you can keep your games and address books, but you will be unable to make a phone call. Non-City electronics are incompatible with the network in the City and cannot connect to do posts or dial out of the City. Basically, they will behave as if they were in a cell or internet dead zone, unable to get bars or find a network.

Any of these types of devices with net capability that are purchased within the City would have the same posting functions as the NV. (See Posting FAQ below)

What happens to dropped characters? What happens if I apply for a dropped character?
Dropped characters in Siren's Pull are presumed permanently dead and taken by the Darkness until the character is applied for again, whether or not the player dropping decides to play out their character's death or not. The character will simply disappear or die, and other characters are free to notice their absence. If you decide to apply for a previously dropped character, you will be restarting the character, so no need to read up on previous character relations or other things the character has done, though you need to be aware that other characters in the game may already know your character and have pre-conceived ideas about them.

Additionally, as a little perk to re-appers of dropped characters, Siren's Pull provides the option of a character running into a monster version of themselves in the Darkness because of the previous character drop. This is entirely optional, but if you're the type of player who'd enjoy a mind game like that for your character, feel free to play it out as much as you like!

More information on the Darkness and Monsters can be found in the "World FAQ" section.

Are multiple versions of the same character allowed? Can I play the younger or older version of a character already in the game?
We've decided to limit character applications in Siren's Pull to only one version of every character. This means that older or younger versions, alternate versions, or AU versions of characters already existing in the game cannot be applied for, to avoid complications. For example, if 12-year-old Naruto is already in the game, Shippuden Naruto cannot be apped; if FFVII Yuffie is already in the game, Kingdom Hearts Yuffie cannot be apped.

However, there is one exception: if multiple versions or clones exist within the canon your character is taken from, and the versions are different enough from each other to have different characterization, then all versions may be apped. For example, both real!Syaoran and clone!Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles could be apped at Siren's Pull, but one of Naruto's clones from Naruto could not be apped.

I've played my character for a while in another game, and I'd like to keep the development I had there while still playing in Siren's Pull. Can I import a character from another game?
Characters that have been previously played in another game can be applied for, and there are guidelines for extra information that we as mods would need for this type of character covered on the application form. However, there are a few guidelines for characters who have previous development in another game.

Characters previously played in an AU game cannot be brought into Siren's Pull. If you had to make up an alternate universe version of your character to join the previous game, with a history set in the canon of that game, you cannot bring that character to Siren's Pull. Though we're not singling out any games in particular, some examples of this type of game include [profile] kingdoms_rp, [profile] 13shades_rp, and [community profile] thespiderswalk.

This is because AU games change the character's history a great deal, and may affect characterization to an extent we'd like to avoid dealing with on an application form.

Any CR with non-canonmate characters in the previous game will be forgotten by your character upon joining Siren's Pull. That is, they will quickly forget any friendships they had with characters from the previous game. They may remember they were friends with someone, but they won't be able to place a face or name to the memory, even if that character is freshly apped. The same goes for canonmates - if you applied for a character who'd grown much closer to a canonmate over the course of the previous game, your character will forget that special development when they enter Siren's Port. There is one exception to this - if the same other character is apped by the same mun from the same game canon then the character development will stick.

For example: Character A from Fandom A became best friends with Character B from Fandom B in Game C. Character A is brought from Game C to Siren's Pull, and Character B is applied for straight from canon. In this case, Character A would forget the CR with Character B. However, if Character A and Character B were both applied for from Game C, then they would retain all CR from the previous game.

This is to avoid players from feeling obligated to continue CR from a game they were not part of with a mun they are unfamiliar with.

Characters cannot be pulled from fully friends-locked games, museboxes, or private storylines. If you've developed canon characters on a personal musebox or in a private IM storyline, that version of the character cannot be apped. The character must have been played in a functional game with an application process in order to be imported into Siren's Pull.

This is because characters from locked games, private storylines, or museboxes may not have enough visible in-game development for mods to judge the level to which the character is developed. We as mods will be investigating into the character's previous posts, and we need to be able to see them in order to do so.

Please remember, when importing a character from another game, that even a great deal of development in another game will not alter the character's basic personality, so please don't use importing as an excuse for OOC.

Oh man! Something really epic happened in my character's canon and I want to play with it! Can I canon update?
Canon updating is definitely allowed in Siren's Pull. If you choose to canon update your character, we request that you pull them out of the game for at least a day (other characters may notice them missing) to do appropriate canon review. The character will feel as if they were whisked home, lived through the time they missed in canon, and then placed back into Siren's Pull. They will arrive again in the same place they arrived the first time, but all their belongings, homes, bank accounts, items, jobs, and other things will still be intact. There is no need to re-apply when canon updating a character, but it would be nice if you could update the character's information post and note differences in the OOC comm for other players' and mod convenience.

You have the option of either canon updating with or without keeping memories of Siren's Pull. This means that if you choose, your character can return with all memories of having friends/jobs/knowledge that they had when they left, or you can reset the character as if they'd been dropped and re-applied for.

Canon updated characters do not have a monster version of themselves in the Darkness, but they do keep all belongings and items, regardless of whether they remember or not.

That's fine, but what if I've backed my character into an RP corner, and I want to just reset the character without canon updating?
This is also an acceptable option. In this case, you wouldn't have to drop and re-app, but we do request that you take the character out of play for at least a day before putting them back in. You may choose whether or not your character keeps all items, jobs, and belongings, but otherwise it will be treated as a drop and re-app.

However, because the character was not officially dropped, there will be no monster version of the character in the Darkness.

So what has happened to my character within their canon timeline? If someone else applies for a canon mate from a later canon point, will they notice my character was missing?
Please assume that your character has not been missing from their original timeline. Any character who arrives in Siren's Pull and then returned at a later time will return to the same moment they left from to avoid any complications in the timeline of canon source materials. If a character is permanently dropped, restarted, or canon updated without memories, then assume the character has lost all memory of Siren's Port and in-game events the moment they arrive back in their canon. The only exception is when a character is canon updated with memories in which case they would remember Siren's Port but be unable to talk about it or let it affect their actions so as not to mess up their canon timeline and actions.

I know there's an age restriction on players, but is there an age restriction on characters? Is my character too young?
There is no age restriction on characters, since we know a lot of fandoms feature characters who are young but can handle a lot. We also know that young characters can be played sensitively enough in this kind of setting, so there is no distinct limitation. However, for characters under 13, we will require a paragraph or so in the application on how the character is appropriate for the setting or, if the character is not appropriate, how the character will be played in a setting that may traumatize a young character. Always remember the sensitivity of other players and anyone following the game when plotting for extremely young characters.

What are the power restrictions in this game? Will my character have his or her special abilities?
We have chosen not to limit abilities in Siren's Pull. Characters will still retain all abilities they had in their canon at the point they're pulled from. However, for players of any super high powered characters, please remember not to godmode and that no character can win every fight every time, be it against NPCs, other player characters, or monsters. Additionally, any plot requiring destruction on a scale larger than one apartment building must be run by the mods. Anything the size of an apartment building and down can go ahead so long as the building/area is inhabited only by NPCs. If player characters live in the area to be destroyed, the plot must be passed by every player affected.

There is one exception thus far to the lack of power restrictions. Due to some concerns raised, the mods have decided that generally, summons that call another entity separate from the character him or herself from another physical space or dimension (for example, Shiva or Bahamut from FFVII) would be prohibited due to complications with the premise, which involves changes in dimensions. Summons that physically alter the character him or herself, or are stored within the character's mind (for example, Personas from the Persona games), would generally be allowed. However, these will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and players or prospective players are more than welcome to contact a mod if they have a concern about whether their character's summons would be affected by this.

What if my character has no special abilities? Won't he or she be at a big disadvantage?
In order to even things out, we've decided that every character that does not have canon special abilities will have a player-chosen dormant ability provided by the same glitch that brought the characters here in the first place. Characters must train and learn how to use this ability before it becomes full-fledged, just as a character with abilities might in their own canon. If you would prefer to play a non-powered character in this setting, just have your character refrain from noticing the power and it will remain dormant. There will be a specific question for this on the application form, and all dormant abilities must be approved by the mods before they're put into play.

My character canonly reads manga/plays video games/has an extensive knowledge of fictional characters. Can my character break the fourth wall?
There are some pretty strict guidelines about fourth walling in Siren's Pull. Basically, we want to keep fourth walling to a minimum, just to spare character sanity. We know it's pretty funny to have your character fourth walled, sometimes, but there are a lot of players that would prefer their characters to remain more 'real' in their own minds. To facilitate the highest comfort level for other players in the game please avoid fourth walling if at all possible.

There are a couple of exceptions, because we know some characters canonly have extensive knowledge of certain fandoms, or a broad spectrum of knowledge on a certain type of fictional world or characters. For example, your character might be a canon video game nerd, a huge Star Wars fan, or a regular reader of Shounen Jump.

If your character has stated outright in canon that they have knowledge of a certain other canon, then your character may fourth wall, but only with the permission of the player of the character you're fourth walling. If the other player would prefer their character to not be fourth walled, please be respectful and find a way around it. If your character canonically has a generalized type of knowledge about other canons, such as playing 'a lot' of video games, or 'reading comics,' then please do not fourth wall, regardless of permissions and assume that the comics or video games in your character's canon are 'alternate universe' canons that are not the same as the Earth Siren's Pull is set in.

To sum up, if you have to assume that your character would 'probably' know the other character's canon, do not fourth wall.

Some examples:

Watanuki and Doumeki of xxxHolic have stated in canon that they know the first Star Wars movie, comparing something they saw happen to the 'help me Obi-Wan Kenobi' scene, and mentioning that Star Wars movie specifically. These characters may fourth wall characters from the first Star Wars movie only if the other player gives their permission.

On a similar note, Gintoki from Gin Tama is known to canonly regularly read Shounen Jump, so he would be able to fourth wall any characters from current Shounen Jump run manga, but only with the other player's permission.

On the other hand, Matt from Death Note canonically plays a lot of video games and is constantly seen tapping away at a handheld console, but because he has not stated specifically in canon what games he plays or has knowledge of, this character may not fourth wall any old video game character he sees posting. The player would assume that the video games Matt plays are different than the ones on our own normal Earth, considering it an alternate world.

For situations more complicated than this, please contact a mod for clarification.

Please make sure to use common sense with fourth walling when it comes to educating other characters about canons your character may know, or other complicated situations. We want to avoid fourth walling because of the devastating mental effect that knowing they're fictional in someone else's world may have on any fourth walled character. Always ask permission, don't assume, and try to keep it as avoidable as possible when it does happen.

What happens if my character dies in-game? Do I have to start all over again?
If a character dies in the game by losing a fight, getting attacked, murdered, or otherwise killed, there will be a penalty period during which the character cannot be played as a normal character. This will increase with the number of deaths but otherwise, nothing else will be lost. For the first death, the character may return after 12 hours, for the second death 24 hours, the third 36 hours, and so on. After this period, your character will wake up in their own home feeling approximately half the pain of what killed them, but no visible injuries.

However, while the character is in this penalty period they may be played during the Darkness only in a monster form (backlogging is fine). You may terrorize friends of your character, attack other characters as you might while alive, or make strange posts on your character's journal as a monster while dead. Your character will retain only fuzzy memories, or no memories of the period while dead, depending on player choice.

When a character dies, their body can be handled in any number of ways, depending on player choice. Players have the option of either having the body disappear, having the body remain physical until nightfall and then disappear, having the body remain physical OR disappear and then return as a monster at night, or, in the case of characters who die at night, having the body immediately turn into monster form.

More information on the Darkness and Monsters can be found in the World FAQ section and the Bestiary.


So how do we post journal entries in this game? There doesn't seem to be a friends-add list.
Siren's Pull is a community-based game, meaning that any journal entries would be posted to the main community [community profile] sirenspull. This is to ease up on the workload for both the mods and the players - no more clicking the friends add button every time a new character joins the game, and all posts would be immediately visible to all other players to avoid characters not getting replies to their first entries because of a slow friend add.

Alright, so that's journal entries. How about OOC posts and logs?
There are communities set up for prose-style logging and OOC posts such as hiatus notices, plot planning, and memes. These communities are, predictably, [community profile] sirenspull_logs and [community profile] sirenspull_ooc. Please be sure to join all the necessary communities when you're accepted!

I see that there are communities specifically for SERO and Afterglow, Inc. What's the deal with those? Should I join them when I get accepted? How are they used?
The communities [Unknown site tag] and [community profile] loyaltosero, as well as the rebel community [profile] loyaltous are friends-locked communities for secret plotting. Each community will be used for both journal entry type posts and log-style posts that contain privileged information pertaining to each faction's quests, secret plots, or other related things. These communities can only be used by characters who are affiliated with one or the other faction, or in the case of double agents, both. Every character starts out neutral and must gain entry to these locked communities through in-character interaction and plotting, that is, by getting a job affiliated with one side or the other, or by gaining the trust of a character who's already affiliated with the faction.

So, I've joined a faction and gotten into the friends-locked community for it. What sort of thing should be posted on that community?
The only type of entry that should be posted on [community profile] loyaltoagi, [community profile] loyaltosero, or [profile] loyaltous should be an entry containing privileged or secret information that your character would not share with neutral characters, characters not involved in the active rebellion, or characters from another faction. Please refrain from doing most of your playing on these friends-locked communities, and carefully think about whether a post you're about to do could be posted on the neutral communities. Even very plot-oriented characters should make a significant number of posts on the neutral communities (that is, [community profile] sirenspull and [community profile] sirenspull_logs, as the rebel community is considered a third faction and not a neutral community) in order to foster interaction with neutral characters and characters from the other faction. After all, how can we support those people who want affiliations or to play double agents if everyone posts only on the friends-locked communities?

So, if I'm not using my character's journal to post in, what is it there for? Can I use it in other games?
Since this is a community-based game, you may use your Siren's Pull journal to join other community-based games, so long as you can keep your games straight. We do request at least three entries on your character's personal journal - an HMD/concrit post, an IC contact box for messages left for your character, and a character info post. The character info post can be as big or small as you like, but we would like to request that you at least put the contents of your application there, so others can learn about your character. Anything else you want to toss up on your character's journal is totally fine, whether it be memes or rp-related fanfic or anything else you want there.

How do the journal posts work in-character? What is my character using to post? What types of posts can be made?
Every character taken to Siren's Port is given a NetVice or NV for short, which is a device that connects to an in-city Network. That means they can't access the outside internet, only the intranet set up in the City. The NV can take on any form that would be familiar or comfortable to your character, from a "magical journal" to a PDA or portable game system to a netbook computer - basically any portable device that your character would be comfortable using. Every NV, regardless of the shape or form it's in, is capable of text, voice, video, and holographic posts.

Text would include your typical text LiveJournal style entry, but text-based IMs or chat rooms are available for characters to use on their NVs. Voice would be a simple voice recording type entry. Video entries would consist of a video of the character and their surroundings, as well as sound. Holographic entries would be a small, slightly staticky image of your character (but not your character's surroundings) that would hover above the NV and mimic what your character is doing in real life. Think Princess Leia's "help me Obi-Wan Kenobi" message from Star Wars. This enables your character to make video-type posts without giving away their location.

What about action posts on journal entries if our characters opt to meet up in person for a quick chat?
Any action posts are allowed on the journal entries of any characters. Any action posts that happen in person are assumed to not be recorded by the NV and not common knowledge to other characters unless otherwise noted in the action log itself. When an action post occurs on your entry, please tag the entry with the "*action post" tag so action posts can be easily kept track of.

What's a tag? And how do we use them in Siren's Pull?
Tags are DreamWidth's way of letting us keep track of posts that have similar subjects. It's as easy as clicking the 'tag' link or image in every entry posted, and typing in a keyword. Later, when that tag in the entry is clicked, LJ will show every entry tagged with the same thing. We would like to request that every character have a tag for journal entries and logs in the format "!: (character's name)" - and use that tag every time they post to make it easy to find entries by that character. We also request that if your character replies to someone else's entry, you tag the entry with "C: (character's name)." This would mean that every character has two tags on the main community, and one tag on the logs community, preferably in Western name order, though we will allow Japanese name order for characters who canonically use it. Every player is responsible for their own character's tags in every entry, and every player is responsible for the tags in their own entries when it comes to action log or other admin tags.

So, for example: Shizuka Doumeki makes a journal entry on the main community, and Terrence Ward replies to it. Shizuka's player would tag the entry "!: doumeki shizuka" and Terrence's player would tag the entry "C: terrence ward." The two decide to meet up for a quick action log, so Shizuka's player would tag the entry with "*action post." Then the two decide to leave on an epic adventure to the other side of town, and make a log for it in the logs community. Each player would individually tag "doumeki shizuka" and "terrence ward" in that log.

Are we allowed to have private or filtered entries? Can my character hack another character's private entry?
Filtered and private entries are allowed, and these entries are hackable. Obviously, characters who don't have experience at that kind of thing are going to be worse at hacking or filtering entries than those with lots of experience. Please label all filtered or private posts with a hacking difficulty level, at least "easy," "moderate," or "difficult." Always keep in mind what your character's skill level at hacking or filtering would be, and keep it in-character with how much or little they're able to hack - remember, IC rules over how handy something would be to a plot. Your character may definitely improve their skills through practice, lessons, or research, so feel free to play that out and improve them slowly. Just always keep in mind what is in character for who you're playing.

Are in-character IM logs or logs written over IM acceptable? Where would I post a log like this?
In-character IM logs are definitely an acceptable alley to use for roleplaying in Siren's Pull. Every NV has the capability of real time instant messaging, and you may do an in-character IM log at any point. These logs may be posted on the logs community along with other logs, just please be sure to clarify through the 'screen name' who is talking at what time for ease of reading.

Some people prefer to do prose logs via IM and this is a perfectly acceptable format. If you wish to post your logs in this form rather than using comment threads, feel free to paste the block of roleplay into an entry and post it on the logs community.


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Are we gonna be getting that mod post about plotting out the end, or are we just going to wing it?