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Siren's Pull; Meet the Mods!


First Off: The mods are here for the players of the game. We do our best to be approachable and concerned about everyone's enjoyment in Siren's Pull. We'll strive not to play favorites and do our best to support any player ideas and player-run plots.

The shared mod email account is, or you can use PM at this dreamwidth account to contact the mods as a group.


[Head Mod]
Contact Info
Personal Journal [personal profile] whippetpuli
AIM magicnme4e
Personal email magicnme @
Plurk magicnme (Siren's Puli)

Kelly, AKA magicnme or whippetpuli, is the game's Head Mod. Duties include player plot coordination, world plot ideas, application processing, maintaining drops, providing idea-vomit, newsfeed and helping to keep order in the real world while causing chaos in the world of Siren's Port.

She manages city infrastructures, politics & newsfeed, liberally sprinkling chaos dust on your Port!

Kelly enjoys food, planning shenanigans, and loading the dishwasher as efficiently as humanly possible.

Warning: May be perpetually over-analyzing things.

Got a question about what's doable? Kelly manages general plots and can be contacted about anything!

[Co- Mod]
Contact Info
Personal Journal [ profile] ggmoonycrisco
AIM fullarmoredgg
Personal email theggning @

GG is a co-mod. Her duties include activity check, application processing, contributing to news reports, and other general support.

When not on the internet or playing the vidya games, GG enjoys tea, crocheting, petting her cat, Murder She Wrote and other elderly pursuits.

Warning: Known to shake her cane and get all you kids off the damn porch

GG is the evil cyborg genius running SERO these days, and can be contacted about SERO plotting.

Contact Info
Personal Journal [personal profile] readingwhiz89
AIM ReadingWhiz89
Personal email readingwhiz89 @
Plurk [ profile] arrdubz

RW, AKA ReadingWhiz89 or arrdubz, is a Co-Mod. Her duties include application processing, coordinating and acting as a liason for small-scale plots, contributing to the newsfeeds, surprising the playerbase with minor events, and other general support.

RW is fond of milk and cookies, cats and dogs, eyepatches, and other miscellaneous silliness.

Warning: Has a tendency to keysmash while plotting villainous hideousness.

RW is also the terrifying terminator who runs the Bounty Hunting System. All questions related to said system can be answered by her. RW is also coordinating plot for Afterglow Inc, so please contact her for all your AGI needs!

[Co- Mod]
Contact Info
Personal Journal [personal profile] alienchrist
AIM serial nostalgia
Personal email theboyharuka @

Liam is a co-mod. His duties include reserves page, enforcement of rules, mediating player issues, application processing, contributing to news reports, and other general support.

He enjoys attending concerts and anime conventions, wearing dapper hats, and karaoke.

Warning: Easily bribed with the promise of beer or coffee.

Contact Info
Personal Journal [ profile] yuffie_9
AIM Bellsandtrinkets
Personal email Poptartenvy_9 @

Shelly, aka Shellzabellz, is a Co-mod. Her duties include world expansion ideas, tags maintenance, enforcement of rules, mediating player issues, application processing, plot idea contribution, playing NPC characters, contributing to news reports, and other general support.

In addition to leading the Siren's Port Police Department, she has control over those 'other' people unaffiliated with corporate factions. She takes no sides and intends to make Neutral the new black.

Shelly enjoys gaming, trying to write while on the subway, and giant headphones.

Warning: likely to be either beyond hyper on coffee or asleep at computer.

Shelly manages neutral affairs, the SPPD and the rebel community, and can be contacted about plot related to it.

Support Help and Application Team

List Upkeep

These players' duties involve helping to maintain the many lists in Siren's Pull, including the Taken Characters, Starter Apartment Lists, Player Contact Information, and many other important references. We really appreciate their help.

List Upkeep

Amy- Taken Characters, Player Contact Info, Starter Apartments, Jobs/Housing/Vehicles.

Scrib- A special thank you for designing our AGI & SERO logos!

Pixle - Another special thank you for our gorgeous DW layout!

Application Team

The application team's duties involve reading and providing feedback on applications to speed up the application process. They, along with the mod team, provide valuable feedback, and we really appreciate their input.

Please note that, while this app team is in place to evaluate applications, any questions about application processing and how it works, or questions about revisions or rejections should be directed to one of the mod team members rather than members of the application team.

App Team
Hamburger, Tori

Special Mentions

[past head mod]

The original Head Mod of Sirens Pull and Co-creator, the world was developed between Aaron and Tori in late October of 2009, opening January 2010. On March 20, 2011 we watched as Aaron stepped back from this island in order to take care of real life, passing the torch off to co creator and co mods to try and keep it alive. Thank you Aaron for the hard work and year and a half devotion to the game, the world, the news, the people and plots.

[Founding Mod]
Contact Info
Personal Journal [personal profile] thefolksbetween
AIM TheLastRobotica
Personal email tori.bear @ gmail
Plurk redlionspride

Tori, aka Tori-bear, is one of the original co-founders of the game. Due to real life kicking her down, Tori has stepped back from major mod duties and is being a player for a change. Though she has left her Mod keys in the hands of her trusted co-mods she still helps with collaborating on plot ideas and world creation, world information, bestiary, maps, answering player questions regarding the details of the world of Siren's Pull, and application processing.

She is our resident Darwin Watts, Siren's Port Historian & expert in all things Darkness related!

Tori enjoys the little details, drawing and writing, and is a game info geek.

Warning: May overload you with world info.

Tori manages Darkness Lore and can still be contacted about plot related to it.

[past co-mod]

One of the original co-mods in the first few months of the games life, Megan helped a lot with getting the game set up, enabling people to join and doing list work as well as app reviews. Due to life complications we aid good bye to her a few months in but are grateful still to the work she did to help get this game off the ground.

[pre-game help]

Special mention also goes out to Kano for putting a huge amount of work into proofreading and editing the information sections throughout the game, as well as offering second opinions in the formation stages of the game.


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[basic world info | in-depth world info | maps and locations | bestiary and darkness guide | npc info and contact | bounty hunting info]