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Siren's Pull; Starter Apartment List


The Tower Apartments (also known as Starter Apartments) is part of a Newcomer Integration Program originally supported by the Government and now funded by AGI and SERO corporations. The complex is a specially maintained apartment building intended for newcomers to the Port.

The Tower Apartment complex is comprised of a pair of 13-story buildings a 13-story building, connected to a second abandoned tower at the center by a 7-story section between them. Apartments with even numbers are across the hall from apartments with odd numbers (ie. apartment 202 is beside apartment 204, and across from apartment 201)

Facts about the Apartments:
* The building was built in 1928 and was the largest and tallest building of it’s time.
* It was made to house families for the military, scientists and other’s trapped on the island.
* In 1946 the apartments were closed, deemed unsafe for living in. It was boarded up for years.
* The first newcomers appear in 1954, squatting in the old apartments. The Government let this continue to happen in order to help segregate the new people in one location.
* The Newcomer Integration Program officially started in 1955, opening the apartments for use to newcomers when they arrive. Help for schooling, and home assistance to help blend the Newcomers into the city was offered by the Government.
* In 2011 the Government stopped funding to the building, leaving AGI and SERO to fully fund the site and maintenance. The Newcomers have a stronger hand in the affairs of the building now.
* On January 15th, 2012, Tower 2 was bombed by the Newcomer Killers, who loaded explosives into the elevator and sent it up, demolishing most of Tower 2's darkness proofing. Tower 2 has been condemned as no longer safe for habitation. AGI and SERO do not have any current plans to fund its restoration.
* On February 16th, 2012, Tower 1 reopened for habitation, fully darkness proofed.
* There are 43 single rooms and 12 double bedrooms. Making 55 apartments total, and a capacity for 67. If more than 67 newcomers should arrive at once...well, that may soon become a couch-crashing problem to negotiate.
* The lobby is made with four glass double doors and 8 large windows. Each is CeeRow darkness proof built.
* The Tower Apartments are a NO SMOKING complex. Please smoke on the fire escapes or outside the lobby.
* There is an elevator in Tower 1, currently in operation, but it has a tendency to get stuck between floors. A resident ghost may be responsible.
* There are two interior stair cases in the tower that can be taken all the way to the top. they open up to each hall way of each floor.

Because of the gracious funding from AGI and SERO together the apartments offer Newcomers ONE MONTH free rent when they first arrive!

Note: In order for the Character to get a room the Player must reply to this post requesting a room. This is to help keep things clean and fair. We used to automatically place new characters on the apartment list but not all characters would take an apartment. Players! When your character enters the Port and ICly takes a room, please reply here so we can give them a space! This way they have a full and fair month of free rent. The Apartments are now on you the player to fill.

Newcomer characters will be automatically assigned to an available one-bedroom apartment. However, if a character wishes to change rooms their desired room is available, or if two characters wish to share a two-bedroom apartment rather than living separately, just leave a request on this entry in the form of a comment, and the character's room assignment will be changed. In the context of the game, this would be the equivalent of your character speaking to the landlord to change rooms.

Greeters have first dibs on two-bedroom apartments or their preferred apartments, and have cheaper rent in the Towers Apartments. If you choose a Job as a Greeter and wish to live permanently in these run-down starter apartments, just let us know!

Those who choose to pay rent and live in the Towers Apartments will have a note by their name that they are paying rent, otherwise rent is considered free.

For more information on the starter apartments, please click HERE

Floor plans: One Bedroom, Two Bedroom

Welcome to the Tower Apartments

Floor 1: No Apartments
Tower One:
Conference/Gathering Rooms

Front Desk - Greeter Station & Office
Room 100 - Landlord’s Office

Room 101 - Landlord’s Home

Tower Two:
Storage Space:
Power Ports / Shut offs
Water heater
Side entrance to underground garage

Floor 2:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 201: Faith Lehane evct: rent paid.
Room 202:
Room 203:
Room 204:

(Two-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 205:
Room 206: Mary Winchester no evct: greeter.

Floor 3:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 301: Mr. Gold evct: rent paid.
Room 302:
Room 303:
Room 304:

Center (Two-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 305:
Room 306:

Floor 4:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 401:
Room 402:
Room 403:
Room 404:

(Two-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 405:
Room 406:

Floor 5:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 501:
Room 502:
Room 503:
Room 504: Dr. Atsuko evct: February 20th.

(Two-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 505:
Room 506: Cal Leandros and Niko Leandros evct: rent paid.

Floor 6:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 601:
Room 602: Red evct: rent paid.
Room 603:
Room 604:

(Two-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 605:
Room 606: Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester no evct: greeter

Floor 7:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 701:
Room 702: Eric Slingby no evct: greeter.
Room 703:
Room 704:

(Two-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 705:
Room 706: Yosuke Hanamura no evct: greeter.

Floor 8:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 801:
Room 802: Shihouin Yoruichi evct: March 11th.
Room 803:
Room 804: Balthazar evct: March 6th.

Floor 9:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 901:
Room 902:
Room 903: Grantaire evct: February 16th.
Room 904:

Floor 10:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 1001:
Room 1002:
Room 1003:
Room 1004: Nyaruko evct: March 19th.

Floor 11:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 1101: Kurisu evct: rent paid.
Room 1102:
Room 1103:
Room 1104:

Floor 12:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 1201:
Room 1202:
Room 1203:
Room 1204:

Floor 13:
Tower One (One-Bedroom Apartments):
Room 1301:
Room 1302:
Room 1303:
Room 1304:


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[personal profile] tryingitall 2013-02-06 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
Balthazar will be accepting a starter apartment rather than trying to find space with a castmate right away. Could he please be assigned one?
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[personal profile] tryingitall 2013-02-06 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you!
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[personal profile] goneonenight 2013-02-11 09:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry, I missed doing this when she arrived--as much as Yoruichi trolls, she does not actually want to live with any of the teenage boys from her canon, so can she be assigned an apartment, please?
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[personal profile] goneonenight 2013-02-14 06:12 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you!
nyaruko: (♒ sɪʀ ʏᴇs sɪʀ!)

[personal profile] nyaruko 2013-02-14 10:44 am (UTC)(link)
Nyaruko needs an apartment until she can find a place again!
alwaystraveling: Yvaine looking up with excitement, in her blue dress (excited)

[personal profile] alwaystraveling 2013-03-08 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
Yvaine will be taking an apartment unless and until she finds someplace she prefers to move out to!