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Game Premise


This is the game premise for Siren's Pull.

Today used to be just like any other day.

Really it was, at least until you felt a sensation like something in the atmosphere pushed down, enveloped you whole, and sent you flying into the stratosphere, through the void, pressing and crushing and dropping you on the ground in a whole new world.

So today used to be just like any other day.

Except now you're standing in an abandoned baseball diamond with your head spinning, your muscles aching, and your ears ringing. The signs on the walls around you say 'you're screwed, newmeat' and 'welcome to Siren's Port - good luck with the darkness, newbs.'

This is definitely not home.

A little more information and a rest later, and you discover you've been pulled by some cosmic malfunction into the world of Siren's Port - a city locked away from the world where anyone who's not quite human, who doesn't belong, is shunted off and held captive by a strange force called the Pull so they don't interfere with society. A city rife with slavery, human experimentation, and every vice available to man. The only way home? Join up with one of the shady and not necessarily morally correct factions that run the City.

Or maybe you could accept your lot and settle down like most of the citizens do.

The choice is up to you.


Siren's Pull is a panfandom roleplaying game set in the dystopian city of Siren's Port combining elements of tactical roleplay, survival horror, and light hearted events and general character interaction. You take on the role of a newcomer to the City, pulled from another dimension, another world, another reality, subject to the Pull of the City and held captive by the Core (also known as the Siren) until someone can figure out a way to get everyone out.

This means you, but it also means the citizens of the City, because they'd all really like to get out too. The City is subject to a nightly Darkness announced by sirens that corrodes the buildings and spawns monsters derived from the souls of the dead that will stalk and attack the citizens. Despite the great amount of power contained in the City via it's citizens, the Core of the City, an extremely powerful and slowly degrading and malfunctioning machine that runs off of science, technology, magic, and other forces as yet unknown keeps everyone in the City captive via a mysterious force called the Pull that makes people sick and can kill them if they try to leave.

Any civilization so tiny with so many powerful people in it is bound to have its problems, and the City has those in spades. The City is rife with corruption and moral decay, especially in the poorer parts - slavery, human experimentation, propaganda, and gang warfare is seen everywhere you go. There are two megalomaniacal factions, SERO and Afterglow, Inc., each with its own drawbacks and benefits that characters and citizens may be loyal to, both of which are working toward the same end - get everyone, including the newcomers, out of the City.

Everyone wants freedom, it just depends on what you're willing to do to get it.

The City has been this way for a hundred years or more, but with the Core degrading and pulling in people from other worlds, as well as advances in research and technology, things are coming to a head. The two factions powerful enough to make any headway towards setting the City free on the world are searching for information, artifacts, and parts necessary to complete the task - and each has their own idea of how to fix it. SERO wants to fix the Core, believing that the Pull was a freak malfunction, and Afterglow, Inc. thinks that fixing the Core will lead to another disaster that will destroy the City and are looking into alternate research on the matter.

They both need the same parts, research, and artifacts...but which side will you help?


Though Siren's Pull is heavily plot-oriented and has a survival horror setting, we are striving to make it a game in which players can feel comfortable and justified in participating at any level and pursuing any type of plot they'd like. We welcome players who want to get heavily involved in the sides-based warfare type playing, we welcome players who want to dabble with the survival horror aspect, and we welcome players who want to join just to make friends or look for a ship.

We will not discriminate against you if you choose not to participate in the major world plot, and just want to use Siren's Port as a setting to play your own thing.

If survival horror isn't your bag, just avoid going out at night, and you'll find the City a relatively easy place to get by in, once you have a job and home. If tactical play isn't your bag, you can keep your character neutral and play it straight. If you want to join to find a ship and play a little IC drama and hurt-comfort...well, there's plenty of opportunities for that.

Any type of playing or combination of playing styles is welcome, and we'd love any type of player or character to join us in our fun.

So check it out. See if it suits you, or make it suit you. The choice is yours.


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