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This entry is to share locations on the island of Siren's Port and to give a general idea of where things are so characters know where to look for lodgings.

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Sector Map
Important Locations | Expanded Landmarks
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Transit Map and Stops
Underground Mall and Shops

Sector Map

This is a map of the various sectors of Siren's Port, what kind of businesses to expect, and which parts of the main City are SERO or AGI owned, as well as which parts of the city are richer or poorer.

Quick Links
Sector 1: Afterglow Inc. Territory (Central City)
Sector 2: SERO Territory (Central City)
Sector 3: Upper Class (Central City)
Sector 4: Middle Class (Starting Point)
Sector 5: Upper Middle Class/Fairgrounds
Sector 6: High Upper Class/Reserved Land
Sector 7: Cattle and Farmland/Natural Resources
Sector 8: Industrial
Sector 9: Lower Class
Sector 10: Slums
Sector 11: Ports/Docks

Sector 1: Afterglow, Inc. Territory
Sector 1 is the main home territory of Afterglow, Inc. It is home to most of the trade in AGI's signature business - slaves and entertainment. This is the place where the major open markets for purchasing and selling slaves are, as well as the major slave rental service on the Island. This is also the hub and center of the Island's entertainment industry - and because of the disparity of various definitions of 'entertainment,' that means a lot. There is a high-functioning red light district, various clubs and arcades, easy access to alcohol and drugs. But AGI's definition of 'entertainment' doesn't end with more lurid pleasures. AGI's territory also the home of all the major media and networking centers - there are cell phone towers, internet hubs, broadcasting stations for radio and television, and agencies for most of the Island's musicians and actors.

It has a strong corporate feel as well as a sleazy underside.

Afterglow, Inc.'s territory includes medical clinics for traditional therapy and medical treatment that caters to AGI loyalists and it would be difficult to get radical treatment here. It also has schools, colleges, and universities whose teachings are heavily skewed in the direction of AGI propaganda - the history you learn here might not exactly be true, but will be heavily skewed in the direction of AGI's philosophies.

Sector 2: SERO Territory
Sector 2 is SERO's main home territory and is a home to trade in SERO's main business prospects - experimentation and research. This sector includes experimental labs, private medical facilities, and the black market that trades in banned or taboo goods. There is wide access to black market prescription drugs and many mad scientists make their home here. SERO widely spreads the rumour that the Core rests in their territory, under the government building, but how much can you believe propaganda? SERO's territory is very orderly and rigid, and is therefore incredibly clean and well-maintained, however there is a distinct underbelly of violence, and this territory is the seat of a lot of the terrorist and gang warfare that is lodged against the establishments of AGI.

It has a strong orderly militia type of feel, as well as a violent underside.

SERO's territory includes medical clinics for radical therapy and experimental treatments that cater to SERO loyalists, and it would be difficult to trust that any treatment you get here will be completely by the book. It also has schools, colleges, and universities whose teachings are heavily skewed in the direction of SERO propaganda - the history you learn hear might not exactly be true, but will be heavily skewed in the direction of SERO's philosophies.

Sector 3: Upper Class
The upper class sector is where higher-paying jobs, expensive homes and apartments, and fine dining can be found. There's a strong corporate feeling in this sector; it's coffee shop city, and it's where most of the City's celebrities and rich people live. The Upper Class sector has a decent mix of SERO and AGI loyal businesses and people, and is the home of medical treatment and education facilities that will use more neutral methods and teach a more neutral history.

Those with a better station in life live and work in the Upper Class area, many of them heirs and raised in the Upper Class districts. Some citizens spend their entire lives in this sector and have a very poor idea of how to actually survive, spending the nights in highly secure and Darkness-proofed places. For newcomers, living here is possible, but it will take a lot of saving and ladder-climbing - or a few strokes of incredibly good luck.

Sector 4: Middle class
Middle class jobs, homes, and apartments can be found in this sector. This is the place where people who aren't rich, but aren't poor either live, especially people with families. It's a bit dirty around the edges, and there's a few homeless people hanging around, but it's nowhere near as bad as the lower class areas.

Family restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres, and other average neighbourhood type establishments can be found here. It's the typical suburbs and everyday businesses - you can find a 3-story apartment building with a mild ant problem, or a house with a small front yard. However, the further away from the center of the City it gets, the dirtier and more rundown it is as it approaches the lower class areas.

The sports stadium is located in the middle class sector, as well as the starting point of newcomers - the abandoned baseball diamond and beginner apartments are located here.

Sector 5: Upper Middle Class/Fairgrounds
The Upper Middle Class sector is somewhere between upper and middle class dwellings - there are condos that are just a bit run down, theatre productions of the plays that wouldn't quite make it on Broadway but are too good for the community center. This is also where the fairgrounds and amusement park can be found, if you'd like to have a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon.

This is still considered higher than middle class, mostly because there's a bit of wooded area and it's close to the beach. This is a good sector for people who are moving up the ranks.

Sector 6: High Upper Class/Reserved Land
The High Upper class sector is the home of the super rich and very powerful. Many government officials live here, as well as the major celebrities, the subjects of paparazzi and heirs to the most major business conglomerations on the Island. Even the President of SERO can be found living here, in a highly guarded home on the far cliff of the district. This is also the home of the Lions Gate Club and Observatory, a highly exclusive and expensive club, as well as similar extremely expensive highly functioning facilities - have fun crashing these places and paying for the $500 a plate dinners.

Sector 7: Cattle and Farmland/Natural Resources
The people who first started settlements on the Island back before the first disaster were smart enough to make sure that a certain amount of land was kept away from the City's build up and squirreled this sector away for natural resources. Wildlife lands, a lake, forests, and park lands are all located in this area. There's a small campground by the lake, and, most importantly, there's a lot of farmland and cattle lands. These growth areas are generally harvested and maintained by middle and lower-class workers, and shipped into the City, with the result that pretty much all of the eggs, milk, raw grain, and other such resources on the Island come from this area.

When Darkness falls, every facility in this sector closes up tight and placed in heavily secure buildings with a strict watch. Even one breach of any facility located in this sector could cause massive issues in the marketplace, a minor economic depression, as well as food shortage. Jobs in this sector are generally well enough paid, considering the value of livestock life and crop health. There are many express buses that travel out this direction to deliver any employees who don't live on the farmland itself.

This sector is, by necessity, primarily neutral. Both SERO and AGI need the exports from this sector and so both support it. This is a good place to find neutral jobs with not a lot of prerequisites.

The power and gas plants are also located in this area, and are the only sources of power on the Island.

Sector 8: Industrial
This is the Industrial center of the Island, one of the few areas that has a lot of activity both during the day and the night. Hard labour jobs can be found here in car manufacturing plants, lumber mills, steel production, and warehouses. There are several highly focused and ingenious recycling plants here, as well, to help reuse hard materials rather than deforest the Island or mine it dry. There are a few apartment buildings here - mostly intended for workers at the various plants and factories.

Several chop shops for stolen vehicles and many connections to the City's black market can also be found in this area. Additionally, the Industrial district is, by necessity, primarily neutral. Both SERO and AGI need the exports from this sector and so both support it. This is a good place to find neutral jobs with not a lot of prerequisites.

Sector 9: Lower Class
This is the Lower Class sector, with barely Darkness-proofed homes and a lot of crime. Homes here are the cheapest to rent, and very close to being the slums. This area is right next to the Industrial district and is a popular place for some of the more unsavoury employees of the Industrial district to live. There are no less than two shootings during the day in this area, the crime rate is incredibly high, and police forces tend not to go in here as often. Don't expect to live easy in this area.

Sector 10: Slums
The Slums are the home of the damned and the suicidal. The buildings are primarily dirty, broken, destroyed, with no protection from the Darkness. In fact, a few people say that the Darkness almost improves the Slums. There isn't so much cheap rent here as there is no rent - most people who reside permanently in the slums are squatters who don't pay rent because there's no landlord to pay it to.

This area is primarily populated by people who can't pay to live anywhere, can't find a job, and can't use Shelters. Either that or the adrenaline junkies who can handle the Darkness and all its dangers, or hide from it. Most people living in this area are experts at surviving during the Darkness, especially because the Darkness is thicker here than anywhere else in the City, because of the daily and nightly death rate.

Sector 11: Ports/Docks
The last sector, the Ports and Docks, is definitely the most abandoned place in the City. Because of the Pull and the inability of people to regularly leave and enter the Island, these areas see very rare use. There is a little bit going on here, though, such as the occasional import from the ferry that travels every now and again between the Island and a secret location in Canada, importing a few things and dropping off only those destined to be stuck for good on the Island. The ferry has a heavy military guard, so good luck trying to sneak off, even if you're trying to resist the Pull.

There are very occasionally boats from other countries for trade, besides the ferry, depending on whether a country is brave enough to do trade with this secret City. These aren't the most common though. The main denizens of the Ports and Docks are a lot of abandoned cargo boxes and crates.

Both SERO and AGI have their own ports located in this sector, though neither is very much used. This sector could be considered mostly neutral - if only by its incredibly small population.

Important Locations

This is a map showing the locations of various important landmarks in the City - these are some places that most natives of the City are familiar with, or at least think they're familiar with.

larger map here
emergency locations map here

Quick Links
1. Afterglow, Inc. Tower
2. SERO Tower
3. Government Building
4. Start Point (Baseball Diamond and Apartments)
5. Afterglow xXx Club
6. Club 24
7. Lions Gate Club and Observatory (high class)
8. President of SERO, Robert Judas Stone III's Home
9. Grant Stadium and Sports Center
10. Afterglow, Inc. Docks
11. SERO Docks
12. Missionworth Lighthouse
13. Center of Fairgrounds
14. Winthers Lake
15. Siren Power and Gas
16. Slums: Night Hideaway
17. Versaid Lake
18. Grayson Apple Orchards (experimental)
19. President of Afterglow, Inc., Italy "Tully" deDrago's Home
20. Crows Head Beach
21. Underground Mall
22. Department of Motor Vehicles
23. Siren's Port University (Neutral)
24. Hawthorne University (AGI)
25. University of Hillsdale (SERO)
26. Cathedral of Jonova
27. Cattle Farms
28. Landfill/Recycling Station
29. Fruit Orchards
30. New Car Dealership

Afterglow, Inc. Tower
The tallest building in all of Siren's Port, it can be seen from any one point, even as far away as the seaside by the farm lands. At night the building lights up, with a single pillar of light rising from the top and seeming to disappear through the clouds, shadow, and thick smog of the Darkness like a beacon. The tower is home of the AGI president's main office building and the main routing office of all major business of AGI. It is the corporate office and extremely hard to get into without proper ID.

SERO Tower
SERO Tower is the home of SERO's president's office, and the base of all SERO organizations. This is the second tallest building on the island, but is probably the building that goes deepest underground, where laboratories and research rooms can be found. The underground offices and labs are connected to the medical facility under their name, and SERO likes to claim in whispers that they have a direct connection to the Core, but that's still just a rumor or propaganda.

Government Building
The Governor of the island, a little-known man named Redgrave, who hides behind titles and his office, is stationed here. Most of the political processes are said to happen here, but everyone knows it really doesn't hold much control over the City. It is said that the Core is found locked away deep underground here, hidden away and protected, though that is also still rumor - no one really knows for sure where the Core is. Also under the government building is the Siren's Port Mint, in charge of making, protecting, or recycling all the City's bills, and handling most of the process of making real currency.

Not only is this THE Government building, this is also the local courthouse, though there generally aren't a lot of trials and such held. The justice system in the City, after all, is more than a little bit skewed, but they are there and they do function. Corrupt maybe, but sometimes it can be finagled to work your way. Just hope you don't have to deal with it.

Start Point (Baseball Diamond and Apartments)
This is where everyone who is pulled from other planets and other worlds, the 'newcomers,' will find themselves when they first arrive. At the center of the 4th sector is an abandoned, beat-up baseball diamond, its field looking as if it hasn't been cared for or tended to in years, the mound deteriorated and spread out into a brown smudge, and the bases barely noticeable, mostly hidden under dirt and grass. The outfield has slowly started growing wild, and the infield has bits of broken glass and litter here and there. The backstop is tagged and graffitied, and the dugouts have been renovated to provide a safe place for new arrivals who show up at night and can't fend off the Darkness; when no Greeter has come or a Greeter isn't quite as capable of handling the Darkness. The apartments aren't that far away, the only exit from the diamond (other then jumping boards, walls, and fences) leads right to the apartments.

More information on the baseball diamond can be found HERE.

Afterglow xXx Club
Afterglow xXx Club is a sprawling, AGI-owned sex and slave club. It is one of the oldest buildings in the City, and it is a common rumor that this club is where the entirety of Afterglow, Inc. sprung from. Considering the similarity in names and the fact that Afterglow xXx Club predates AGI, it seems to be a pretty likely story.

Afterglow features sexual entertainment of all varieties. The club owns a large amount of slaves that are housed in a wing set aside specifically for them, who are given aphrodisiacs and sent to do the bidding of any customer. There is also a consistently running 'slave trade' program, where customers can bring in a slave they own and trade him or her for the slave of another person for the night. One wing of the club is dedicated to constant strip and sex shows, as well as private rooms for lapdances and slave service at a price. Also, in this area, there's a large, extensive bar that serves food, as well as tables set around the main stage for customers to sit at to eat or have drinks. The rest of the club is mostly dedicated to group or private rooms dedicated to nearly any kink you can think of, as well as several orgy rooms. There is a very strict privacy policy at Afterglow xXx Club, and nothing done by customers at the club will be revealed outside of the confines of the club unless the customers themselves choose to talk about it. The club is also very open to anyone of any age, gender, race, or class.

Many people who are unable to pay off debts to AGI are sent to this club to work off said debts after the collection period has passed, and the worse the fetish being filled, the more of the person's debt is worked off.

Club 24
Club 24, as suggested by the name, is one of the 24 hour clubs not located underground, but is definitely the best known. This club never closes for anything (unless it's under attack or there's an extreme disaster), and features a bar and a bit of a food menu. With an open door policy and a welcome shown to any kind of person who chooses to enter, Club 24 generally has an eclectic style of music to fit its varied clientele. However, though the doors are open to anyone, sometimes groups of people seem to go around the same time, so, though there aren't particular events for them, it might seem a bit heavy on rainbows one time and a bit gothic another time - it all depends on when you go. No matter what time you go, though, it always seems to be jumping. Security is needed at night ot help people coming and going get inside the building or get out, but attending Club 24 during the Darkness is at your own risk. The major difference between Club 24 and most other clubs or bars that stay open during the Darkness is that, though the large doors at the front are always closed for safety reasons, customers may come and go at will.

*Jobs found here pay well but run on 10 hour shifts rather than the more typical 8. Security is always needed and hired out through the Club itself. Those with useful powers might get paid more after they display these powers at a job interview.

Lion's Gate Club and Observatory (high class)
Lion's Gate is a high class nightclub that opens generally two to three hours before the evening sirens. This club has a very strict dress code, so dress classy or you won't make it in, no matter how dark it is out. The bar at Lion's Gate Club consists mostly of expensive wine, champagne, or exotic liquors and spirits imported from other countries or other worlds, if possible - anything that is not available to the general public can usually be found at Lion's Gate. This, of course, leads to very high prices, but when you're high-class, the high prices shouldn't bother you, right? At night the observatory area can be opened, leaving thick transparent steel as a sort of window between between customers in the Observatory and the outside world, shadowed in Darkness. On those rare occasions when the Darkness is lighter, the sky is clearer, and the moon is full, lights in the Observatory may be turned off, to allow the room to be lit only by the outside world.

*Jobs for bartenders and security can be found here but only those with a lot of class, charm, and good looks can work here. A job at Lion's Gate pays very well.

President of SERO's Home
High on a hill by a cliff at the edge of the sea, overlooking the sixth sector, the president of SERO's home can be found. Its huge plot of land has several small facilities on it used for unknown functions. There are security systems hidden all over the place, and is next to impossible to infiltrate without some inside information or a whole lot of skill and stealth. It has a great view of the Lighthouse at night.

Grant Stadium and Sports Center
This is the top-of-the-line sports center and stadium in the City, superior to every other stadium and sports center in the known world. Capable of shifting itself to make the court or field any size necessary, and change features to whatever may be needed for any day's game, it is also capable of holding more than a quarter of the City's population in case of emergency. It is generally used for the four most commonly played sports in Siren's Port - hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. Other sports have been known to gather here for fun but they never seem to be as popular with the citizens of Siren's Port, so these other games are more sporadically played, though the stadium can still accommodate them. When the building is empty, with the underground controls, a specialist will move and rearrange the walls, the structure, floors and ceiling to change adjust the stadium to whatever is needed.

More information on sports and sports teams in Siren's Port can be found HERE.

Afterglow, Inc. Docks
These docks are highly guarded in the day time and abandoned at night, unless otherwise noted. It is said that there are ships that come to these docks, either in or out, but it's rare. These boats generally bring in people for AGI's use and sometimes supplies that are very expensive due to having to be smuggled in.

SERO Docks
Like the AGI docks, this is a highly guarded dock space supported by SERO. Occasionally, a boat can be navigated through the many natural barriers on the outside, smuggling in new arrivals, test subjects, or exporting information and equipment. The docks are consistently abandoned, unless there happens to be a ship in, in which case the dock will have a lot of guards on high alert and will shoot first, ask questions later.

Missionworth Lighthouse
The Missionworth Lighthouse used to be the only light on the shore to guide ships into he docks and away from the cliff sides and other natural difficulties that took so many ships long ago. It now stands as a light that breaks through the Darkness at night. It is said that at night a treasure appears at the top of the lighthouse, but a huge monster swims around outside, and the ghost of the light house captain wanders its towering walls. No one's ever managed to get out of a midnight adventure unharmed, and only one report of a man reaching the top has been made. Though he reached the top and crooned about the treasure he found over the radio to his friend, his death was immediate and came under circumstances unknown. To reach the lighthouse in the first place is amazing, to get inside is a feat of its own, but to make it to the top is almost impossible.

Center of Fairgrounds
The fairgrounds on the upper ground are only open during the daylight, between the morning and evening sirens. This is where people gather for rides, games, and state fair style fun. Farmers bring their prize plants and cattle, new inventions are brought out for demonstration, mass slave auctions are conducted, and performers do their thing to try to catch the eye of someone who might give them work. The fair happens twice a year, the fair grounds themselves are used for other events, such as flea markets and various conventions. The theme park or carnival style rides can be ridden all year round for a simple fee of 30 dollars a day.

Winthers Lake
Winthers Lake is one of the most tranquil places in Siren's Port, with water that is always blue, clean, and sparkling, no matter what time of day or night. It is safe to swim in, always cool, and freezes over in the winter for ideal skating, though it has taken the lives of many of bad swimmers. Fishing can be done here for normal and perfect eating fish, and there are no lake monsters to be found at all, at least not during the day. Who knows what swims in the night.

Siren Power and Gas
The power and gas companies that bring, well, power and gas to all of Siren's Port are found here, with several hubs that extend into the City and out along the farm lands. Doing anything to damage these hubs is considered an act of terrorism, since this is the only source of power for the City and farmlands.

Slums: Night Hideaway
As stated elsewhere in the locations section, these are the slums. At the dead center of the slums is a small open space where some of those who live there band together. There is a small opening in the ground that over the years has been hollowed out and sealed, so that those who live in the slums can retreat to it at night. If you don't make it to the door of the slums hideaway before the end of the evening siren, you won't be able to get inside. Mothers will lock their own children on the outside if they have to. Once inside you cannot leave, and once the doors are locked and barred you cannot enter.

Versaid Lake
Just a small man-made lake in the sector 6 that tends to be reserved for those in the upper class. It's not guarded or blocked off or anything, but those who show up there of substandard upbringing tend to be shunned away. It's clean, pretty, and good for fishing or row boats.

Grayson Apple Orchards (experimental)
This orchard has been here for some time, in fact some of the buildings around it are younger then the trees themselves. It is an experimental field, and in the daytime, it can be walked through and looked at as if it were a normal park or garden. However, at night the leaves of the trees seem to glow silver, and there is always a breeze rustling through the branches. It's rumored that, during the Darkness, there is a creature that runs up and down between the rows of trees, savagely killing anyone stupid enough to try to sneak in at night. Because no one has ever lived through a visit to the orchard at night, however, no one knows what this creature looks like, and for all the citizens of Siren's Port know, it could be the trees themselves.

The trees grow 12 different kinds of fruit during the year - that is to say during different seasons of the year, the same tree will grow 12 different kinds of fruit. These special fruits, when cultivated properly, will be the sweetest fruits ever tasted, but, if eaten during the Darkness, they will cause a normal person to break out in a silvery rash on the skin and become very sick to the stomach for days on end. These fruits are considered exotic, and if you can manage to pick them you can make a good bit of pocket change, or just make your palate very happy. You can only pick them at night though, and can only eat them by day. The orchard was originally an experiment by a man named Mr. Thomas Grayson, and it is said that the creature running through the orchard at night is the spirit of Grayson himself, though this fact is not confirmed.

President of Afterglow, Inc., Italy "Tully" deDrago's Home
Located at the opposite end of the island from the president of SERO's home, AGI's presidents have always taken refuge out past the farm lands, in the country side not far from the shore lines of the north. Though the AGI president doesn't have any direct farmland himself, there is a small orchard on the grounds for use of the President's family. Due to the Italian heritage of the deDrago family, the home itself is styled as a sort of villa, spacious, beautiful, and full of works of art and other aesthetically pleasing things. However, despite the beauty of the estate, there is an extremely high-tech security system in place, as well as guards on high alert and every other safeguard possible. Tully deDrago, the AGI president, is extremely adamant about the protection of his loved ones, and so his security is top notch.

Crow's Head Beach
Crow's Head Beach is named for the shape of the beach when the tide is low, but also for the oddly large amount of blackbirds that can be found on this part of the island. There is a small cave not far from the shoreline here where blackbirds nest and hide. Some say that if you go inside this cave, even during the day, there is a creature, 8 feet tall and covered in black feathers, with a sharp black beak. The creature's existence has never exactly been proven, but school-age boys and girls tend to try to dare the others to go inside and get a long feather to prove how brave they are. The beast has never attacked anyone, but though it is only rumor that this creature is there, on really foggy mornings, sometimes you can see a large black bird flying around at the shore.

Underground Mall
The Underground Mall is the most happening and alive place at night, as well as the safest place to be 'out' at night. There are three locations one can enter the Underground Mall, one in each sector it's under. To give you some depth on how far down this structure goes, the subway passes underground, but it is still above the Mall.

More information on the Underground Mall can be found below, or just click HERE.

Department of Motor Vehicles
The DMV handles all transportation issues in Siren's Port. The building is found in the fourth sector and is the only DMV in the City. Not only do they deal with cars, motorcycles, and other engine-driven methods of transportation, but they also handle the subway fares and buses. Tickets can be paid for here as well.

More information on the DMV can be found HERE.

Siren's Port University
SPU - The university that covers all the educational bases, made for the poorer student looking to get some post-secondary education and qualifications for a higher-paying job. This is the most neutral school in the city.

More information on schools in Siren's Port can be found HERE.

Hawthorne University
HU - The AGI-funded university of business and the arts. All fields of study can be found here, but it focuses mainly on business, politics, law and the arts.

More information on schools in Siren's Port can be found HERE.

University of Hillsdale
UoH - The SERO-funded university of the sciences. Computer technology, science technology, medical training, and languages are the focuses of study in this school.

More information on schools in Siren's Port can be found HERE.

Cathedral of Jonova
The Cathedral is located in a central location and open as a sanctuary to anyone, even if they are not a devout Jonovian follower. The Priest is known for miracle healing through the divine blessing of the Lord called Jonova (in other words he has an ability to heal) and will be willing to assist anyone who needs a healing hand. The doors are always closed during the Darkness, but anyone is welcome to push through them and into the cathedral itself. The original Cathedral was possibly of Christian build, but was long ago taken over and remodeled for this new religion. To those who wish to worship, there is Mass held here every Sunday and the followers of the faith welcome to anyone who wishes to join. Believers or not, the preacher believes all will follow when the time is right. Oh, and donate. Donate. He really likes donations...

More information on religion in Siren's Port and the Cathedral of Jonova can be found HERE.

Cattle Farms
The 7th district is full of farmlands and cattle grazing lands. The maintenance of these lands is considered top priority for Siren's Port, as most of the produce is brought to markets for consumption. Because of the importance of these resources, it's considered a terrorist act to in any way damage the farmlands. The farms and surrounding property are well-guarded by hired security, and extra care is taken with them at night. All cattle and livestock are moved to underground holding pens or heavily Darkness-proofed aboveground barns in order to keep them alive through the night.

More information on farming in Siren's Port can be found HERE.

Landfill/Recycling Station
Trash has to go somewhere, and in Siren's Port, this is where it ends up. Garbage and recycling are picked up throughout the week in rotations throughout the City, and trucked to this station. Here, trash is compacted and stored, separated and sorted. When the landfill gets too full they move it to a boat and ship it out to an unknown location.

More information on the landfill and garbage system in Siren's Port can be found HERE.

Fruit Orchards
These are the only orchards in Siren's Port that produce normal fruit, and there are several fruits grown here as well as some nuts. Because it is such a small orchard, the fruits that they produce are sold for much higher prices at market than they might be in the outside world. Though it is said that the fruits grow year round with the help of a couple of plant-talented workers. The orchards are always looking for people with the ability to make plants grow.

New Car Dealership
It might seem silly to mark a new car dealership as an important location, as there are a few car lots here and there through out the City, just like any other city would have, but those are all generally old or used cars. This, this is the top-of-the-line new cars, some imported, some built with imported schematics, some were designed and built right there. It's simply called the NCD and it hires only the best minds for designing new features for vehicles for the City. Generally the cars sold here are all eco-friendly and run mostly on electricity. The best and most expensive cars can also come Darkness proofed in case the driver chooses to stay in their car all night. All forms of vehicals can be costume built here for a hefty price. It is also a world class automobile repair shop and the leading auto tech school on the island. You will find that most cars sold in the outside world were originally designed here.

Transit Map and Stops

This is a map showing the route taken by the central subway system in Siren's Port, and a run down of the stops on the line. This will help your characters navigate the City they live in.

larger map here

Stop Names
1. Ravenwood Stop
2. Turnabout Stop
3. Founder Front Stop
4. Harukoa Stop
5. Orchard Stop
6. Hawthorne Stop
7. Freemont Stop
8. Blake Street Stop
9. Redfront Stop
10. Crossroads Stop
11. Watt stop
12. Boycot Stop
13. Underground Mall Stop
14. Jowagi Stop
15. Turner Stop
16. Burns Stop
17. Heckley Stop
18. Henderson Stop
19. Doublewood Stop
20. Grant Stadium Stop
21. Azura Stop
22. Fable Way Stop
23. Guntry Stop
24. Stanford Stop
25. Browning Stop
26. Elmer Stop
27. Baxter Stop
28. Dewey Avenue Stop
29. Penelton Stop
30. Powerinne Stop
31. Last Stop

Underground Mall

This is a map of Underground Mall, a 24-hour supercenter with shopping, entertainment, and other options. Basically, a giant mall located underground that stays open even during the Darkness, due to it's sturdy and hailed-as-infallible Darkness-proofing.

Quick Links
1. North Point Carnival Grounds
2. White Star Hotel
3. Center (Food) Court
4. Queen's Throne and Fantasy Hotel
5. The Major's Club and Park
6. Hideaway Lake
7. Sparks Casino and Hotel
8. Black Market
9. Felton Theatrical Stage/Convention Center
10. Motel Row
11. The Twins Night Clubs
12. Crest Theatre
13. Millennium Theatre
14. The 123 Bowling Alley
15. Memorial Auditorium

North Point Carnival Grounds
The Carnival Grounds is a simple indoor fairground, with a large ferris wheel, a double decker merry-go-round, one roller coaster with three loops that duck and dive, and a bunch of those simpler, smaller rides, like spinning tea cups, space ships, round-abouts, swiveling hammers, etc. There are also full rows of carnie games and snack stands scattered throughout, just waiting to take your hard earned money so you can win your girlfriend that pink teddy bear on the back wall. This is one of the brightest corners of the underground and tends to be loud with the music from the rides and the voices of customers.

*Jobs can be found here for minimum wages.

White Star Hotel
The most expensive hotel in the Underground, the White Star is a pentagon shaped 12 story hotel catering to those looking for good room service, clean bedrooms, bug free sleeping, and general round the clock full service care. A bit on the pricey side, but to those big CEOs and company bigwigs, this is the place to go when in the Underground. The building stretches from the floor to the ceiling of the Underground, seeming more like a huge sculpted pillar than a standalone building. At the top floor is one of the most expensive restaurants in all of the City, let alone the underground. Reservations are made months in advance unless you 'know' someone.

*Jobs can be found here for minimum wages for cleaning staff. Chefs and clean cut people make twice as much, but jobs outside simple cleaning are rarer.

Center (Food) Court
The largest mall food court most people have ever seen. It has taken on a sports theme (The word "food" is centered in a basketball to help with the play on words). Don't let the sporty feel of it all detract from what else is there - there are two 5 story 'towers' though all of the building is connected, and a 3 story building dead center of the open air court. The lower floors of it all are fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, A&W, Taco Bell, Sonic, and so on. The general fast food places), the second floors generally have the 'sit down' style family fast food places (old style burger joints, steak houses, fish and chips, Italian, etc.), where the higher up floors have the finer restaurants. The higher up you go the less 'sporty' the feel of the d├ęcor is and more 'fancy' it becomes. Sparkling strings of lights and softer signs start to take precedence over neon signs.

*Jobs can be found here at different levels. Fast food tends to pay much less but they'll hire nearly anyone. The better the establishment, the harder it is to get work there, but the better the pay. Tips tend to be a general 10 to 15% but are hard to get unless service is excellent.

The Queen's Throne and Fantasy Hotel
The Queen's Throne is an affordable to costly 'fantasy' hotel with the slogan "Making all your fantasies come matter what they are." This is a respectable hotel with a good clean environment, room service, and over 500 different themed hotel rooms. Themes like Egyptian Kings, Mythological Gods, Rome, France, as well as general ones like old Torture chambers and dungeons, gigolo and playboy styled rooms, old Western, east Asian, fields and meadow rooms, and many others. Come in costume or rent a costume while choosing your hotel room. You can even rent slaves and hotel staff to help fulfill your wildest dreams. No taboo is ignored, so bring them here for anything from wild to just relaxing for the night. Parties are okay.

*Jobs can be found here at low pay rates for all positions, but you have to sign a confidentiality contract. What happens in Queens Throne and Fantasy Hotel stays in Queens Throne and Fantasy Hotel. Always looking for new workers. There's a high turnover rate though.

The Major's Club and Park
The Major's Club is a very upstanding club with dim lighting, mirrored walls, pool tables, and easy but up beat music. It's open during most of the daytime as well as the nighttime. The bouncers here will keep out the rabble-rousers and riffraff in a military style. The Major's is characterized by high priced drinks, extremely clean bars, and a nice dance floor. A club for those looking for the club feel without having to worry about being kidnapped and raped in the back alley by local thugs. Dress better then casual though, if you want to get in. The Major's is currently owned by a very boisterous young lady who loves cosplay and employees are dressed in uniforms from various countries on Earth.

*Jobs here are hard to come by but pay very well. Bartenders here dress in uniforms of all types (US Army, Navy, Marines, and so on, WWI and WWII soldiers' uniforms, Japanese Police Forces, Mounties, Royal Guard, and so on. Uniforms change off and on depending on the person in management at the time.

Hideaway Lake
Hidden around a corner and down a long rolling path is an underground lake of pure clean water. Because of extensive Darkness-proofing, the night and Darkness don't seem to affect this underground well of water at all, leaving it to stay clean and bright at any time of day. Down by the water, you can rent small paddle boats, row boats, inner tubes, and other swim items from a small shack at the side. You can also rent scuba gear and take a dive under the water to see if you can find caves or underground wildlife or plants. There is a waiver form to sign though: If you get hurt or die down there, it's not the fault of the rental office, and you have to pay for lost gear. Above all of this, if you climb the stairs to the building secured to the top of the cave, you can rent bungee jumping equipment and rock climbing gear so you can take a dive out over the top of the lake, dead center, or perhaps pick a wall to scale.

*NO jobs to be found here unless worked out very carefully with the two men who own the rental shops. Both are blue skinned brothers who have worked here for some time now. Because they have fins and gills, they tend to extremely capable at keeping a good eye on the lake, and they feel they need no one to assist them. Internship isn't unheard of, though...if they like you. (If you'd like your character to work here, please contact a mod for approval.)

Sparks Casino and Hotel
One of the largest areas underground, this is a shorter building with a vast Casino floor to it. Blackjack, poker, roulette, name it, it's played here. You can also find exotic games like Sabacc, Tridimensional Chess, and some silly collector card games like Magic the Gathering and so on. There are also a few Holographic Chambers available for rent by the hour, for enjoying live stories, crimes, vacation beaches, ships at sea, and a wide range of other activities (sort of like the holodeck in Star Trek). These are generally always in use and it's best to reserve time before you get there to ensure you a spot in one. On the top three floors, there are small hotel rooms that are affordable and fairly clean. Not the best but it's better than spending the night on a bench if you end up in the Underground for the night. Don't drink from the cups and try not to sleep naked in the beds, and you should be fine.

*Lower wage jobs can be found here. On occasion you can get a onetime appointment with a manager to 'teach' them a new game. If you are from another world and want to make a quick buck, teach the owners the ins and outs of a game you know that the City isn't familiar with. If it's interesting enough, entertaining and liked, they will use it a few months later, and pay you 10% of the first month's income from THAT game only.

Black Market
Who would have thought that the Black Market would actually HAVE a location? But this one does. This market is not bothered by anyone at all in the City, since it's completely neutral and utterly lawless, in the sense that no form of law enforcement will stop you from buying or selling here. The doors are guarded strongly by the best and fastest of thug bouncers carrying guns. Neither AGI nor SERO have control over the Black Market but both deal with it frequently. Slaves, drugs, devices, electronics, stolen merchandise, cattle, lots of alcohol, fine art, historical artifacts, smuggled goods from the outside mundane world, and other things can be found, sold, or bought here. Nothing is taboo to sell here and if you aren't careful you might find yourself being sold here as well. Fights and raids within the halls of the Black Market are not unheard of, but tend to be neutralized with blood rather fast.

*Jobs are very hard to find here because those who run and organize it are an unknown. You have to know someone who knows someone to get in and even then it's not a sure thing. Bouncers and handlers who do happen to get work here are paid large amounts every once in a while and not all the time. Arguing over pay is NOT a good idea.

Felton Theatrical Stage/Convention Center
An older looking building with a tall white pillared front and elegant half nude carvings and statues. An architectural masterpiece and theatrical goldmine, the Felton Theatre shows stage productions at the rate of two per quarter (that is, 8 times a year) and is generally seasonal. It is also a convention center available for groups to rent for business or pleasure purposes. Around Graduation times, high schools and colleges tend to rent this hall out for ceremonies. Smaller plays can be found here as well, between other productions, though they are not as heavily organized. Auditions are almost always open.

*Auditions for performers and stage workers are always open. Contact the manager from the Box office for further information. Work is Seasonal. Actors are paid after the show is done, and stage workers are paid low wages through the year. SOME lodging can be found for certain people who find employment here. Hall Rentals vary in price, depending on the size and purpose of the party.

Motel Row
This is a row of sleazy or really cheap motels, things like a Best 9, or Sands Motel, and the Underground Lodge can be found here. These motels have next to no room service and aren't the cleanest of environments, but they're easy on the wallet and a quick place to stay when trapped Underground for the night. These don't always fill up so fast but there are times when there is no vacancy. There is also the option for renting hourly if you need a quick nap or...something.

*Jobs can be found here at the bare minimum pay, generally for hard labor and room clean up.

The Twins Night Clubs
Matching Night Clubs...or nearly matching. The Twins are two large buildings that are connected with a roof suspended between them. On the left is a nightly rave club, with bright lights and techno dancing. On the right is a more typical club experience, with interesting club kids, gothic kids. In the center is the open air space covered by the suspended roof, a good place to go from either side, or settle down in to relax or converse with friends. Couches and tables, a dance floor, bars, live bands, or DJs can be found in either place, and both open up onto each other. Enter one and you can slip over to the other. Smoking, underage drinking, drugs, and, on occasion, dance floor sex or bathroom sex is not unheard of here. There are clubs for the young and lewd, the adventurous and fool-hearted. Get too rowdy though, and bouncers will have no issue with roughing you up and kicking you out. Bouncers are also selected for photographic memories and will remember a face, no matter how much make up.

*Jobs here for bartenders, bouncers with photographic memories, DJs, technicians, and bands can be found here. Pay is modest but good, and employees get the benefit of free drinks when not on the clock.

Crest Theatre
Crest theatre is an old-style movie theatre with a neon marquee board around the front of the building and a single person box office dead center. It has maroon carpeting and old tarnished gold finishing, old seats with slight rocking back features in rows, on slopes with no steps, and the concession offers popcorn and soft drinks at the usual ridiculously high prices most theatres do. This is a FOUR screen theater, showing a wide range of OLD movies. Old movies like black and white films to second or third run movies that showed a year or two ago. The owner of this theater has a huge vault of films, and tends to play 4 to 6 movies in a different rotation for about two or three days before changing to another set. There is a chance that 15 to 20 different movies will be played with in one week.

Note: We would like to keep movies as generalized as possible so as not to blatantly break the fourth wall too often. Please avoid your character going to a movie featuring the character of another player in the game, and keep the fourth-walling guidelines in mind when stating the movies to be watched.

*Jobs can be found here at the low paying average popcorn pusher and ticket takers' rates.

Millennium Theatre
A much more up-to-date theater that looks like it was just built a few years ago. Big plush seats with adjustable arms and cup holders, rocking seats, and loveseats that can comfortably hold two people. Seats are in rows on steps, and staggered so no one has to deal with another customer's head or odd hat obstructing the view of the screen. Screens are in HD, and show the newest of films from both Siren's Port Film Studios AND big hits from the outside world that have been smuggled into the City. Generally, if a movie comes out for the rest of the world, it has a good chance of being smuggled in a few days or a week after its grand opening date. A lovely theater going experience. Every weekend, a few 'Blackout Movies' will be run, generally a horror or psychological thriller flick, run with all the lights in the theatre turned completely off, including runner lights and house lights.

Note: We would like to keep movies as generalized as possible so as not to blatantly break the fourth wall too often. Please avoid your character going to a movie featuring the character of another player in the game, and keep the fourth-walling guidelines in mind when stating the movies to be watched.

*Jobs can be found here at the low paying average popcorn pusher and ticket takers' rates.

The 123 Bowling Alley
An old-fashioned bowling alley with 24 professional lanes and 4 bumper lanes. The bowling alley can be rented for parties and is usually closed most weekday mornings for various leagues and tournaments that anyone can join up with, depending on affiliation. The bowling alley also features a small arcade, and a concession stand that serves snacks and beer, as well as a small pizza place in the back, especially useful for parties. Every Friday night a GlowBowl is hosted, where the lights are turned off and dimmed, leaving the lighting up to black lights and glowing balls and pins. All in all, the bowling alley is fun for all and reasonably priced, a great place for family outings.

*Jobs are available here at the standard minimum wages. All positions open and needed.

Memorial Auditorium
A large stadium and auditorium with enough seating for thousands. The stage sits in the center, with the audience seated all around. Seats in front and closer cost more where seats in the back rows or behind the band cost much less. The City has many groups that have formed, and play music of all types and genres. Bands like [Insert Name Here], Bad Wolf, Jack10, Figure 9.0, and others have all held concerts here. Bands from all styles can be found playing here all year round. Tickets vary, depending on the bands and if they are popular or if it's a charity event.

Note: Stage size and location size on map is obviously not to scale. This is a large stadium.

*Jobs are seasonal/open sporadically. They offer good pay for security and technicians when a show is going on.


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