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This is a list of which characters are affiliated with SERO and which characters are affiliated with Afterglow, Inc as well as a form to request access to faction-specific communities. This is so everyone in the game can keep track of who goes where.

Here are text boxes for requests to affiliate yourself with either SERO or Afterglow, Inc, or to log your status as true neutral or a double agent. This will affect which communities and privileged information your character has access to.

Every character will start the game as neutral and will remain neutral with all of the benefits and drawbacks of being neutral until this form is filled out. If your affiliation changes in any way, feel free to just re-post an application.

Your comment will appear as a text box, so please don't worry about that!

Request to Affiliate with SERO or AGI

Request to be True Neutral

Request to be a Double Agent

After your request has been approved, your character journal will be given access to the appropriate friends locked communities.

Please remember that all information gleaned on one or the other of these communities is known only to these characters unless it is shared in game canon. If you have one character on each side, please don't use them to cheat and send information to each other, as that will be considered godmodding and playercest.

The Lists

Afterglow, Inc

Character Name: Damon Gant
Character Journal:[personal profile] demon_gent
Justification: Given Gant's questionable morals during his last years as Los Angeles' Chief of Police, his impeccable skills in criminology and detective work could prove him to be a valuable private investigator as well as an informant for AGI. < /br>

Character Name: Demyx
Character Journal:[personal profile] ninthserenade
Justification: Working with the Xino E. Mao Corporation which is affiliated with AGI.

Character Name: Irene Adler
Character Journal: [personal profile] predominates
Justification: Irene works as a professional dominatrix, and while she's normally a free agent, her skills would definitely interest and fuel their company. They could offer her the most protection as well.

Character Name: Jack Vessalius< /br>
Character Journal:[personal profile] psychopath< /br>
Jack aims to become a double agent, but he's starting with AGI, because the company ethics suit him to a T — he's made his way into the upper crust of society from a homeless bastard child with just his body and mind. He knows when and how to schmooze up, and how to make friends in high places.

Character Name: Jinx< /br>
Character Journal: [personal profile] unluckyinlove< /br>
When Jinx first arrived in Siren's Port, she began infiltrating AGI, starting as a low level agent and intending to rise in the ranks. It didn't go as planned. She made a name for herself as an excellent tracker and an event better interrogator. After a year with the company, she retired due to radiation poisoning and other injuries sustained searching for the Core. However, she kept her AGI affiliation. Now she plays a bimonthly poker game with some of the older, wealthy gentleman higher up in the company. Despite the fact that Purgatory is an unaffiliated nightclub, many of its regulars are AGI and some of them still owe Jinx some favors.

Character Name: Dr. Kenzo Tenma
Character Journal:[personal profile] surgicalshot
Justification: Tenma works at SPGH as a doctor, and has been involved in the treatment for several of the slaves of AGI. Because of this, and his considerable skill, he's been approached by AGI to work as a doctor for them, while still maintaining his spot in SP General. He's agreed to work for AGI as a doctor who treats the slaves, as well as anyone else who may need it within the AGI company.

Character Name: Luxord< /br>
Character Journal:[personal profile] antedupmyheart< /br>
Justification:Like so many of the Organization members, he's working for Xino E. Mao, which is affiliated with AGI.

Character Name: Marco< /br>
Character Journal:[personal profile] guerrilla_morph< /br>
Justification:AGI< /br>
Marco is a natural entertainer at heart, so he's better off working at AGI as an actor. While he does fight slavery back home, he's not as likely to fight the slavery aspect of AGI unless he's absolutely sure he has back-ups for his back-ups. That said, Marco is the type of person who will leak someone's stuff to the public if they annoy him too much or they ping his odd sense of morality, but I wouldn't call him a double-agent just yet as it will likely to be extremely petty stuff. Eventually down the line he will work as a double agent, but for now he will just enjoy the benefits and the protection AGI can give him.

Character Name: Manfred von Karma
Character Journal:[personal profile] makethemguilty
Justification:Given his reputation as a formidable and perhaps less-than-honourable, man, his 40 years as prosecutor, and perfect means of obtaining guilty verdicts, I daresay AGI would find his abilities to be highly desired.

Character Name: Prue Halliwell< /br>
Character Journal:[personal profile] astralling< /br>
Prue wants to be a photographer, it's her lifelong passion. Since most entertainment is with AGI, that's where she'd be most likely to find a job. Additionally, her first friend in the city is Jinx, who's extremely AGI, and Jinx got her the job opportunities that got her started. Prue wants to succeed while she's here, so she wouldn't turn down job offers and an edge- especially if she was reading their propaganda and initially thought SERO was the worse of the two evils.

Character Name: Tonegawa Yukio
Character Journal:[personal profile] 12second_orz
Justification: Tonegawa's spent most of his working life in a prime position in the yakuza, with an impression resume dealing in money lending, stockbroking and underground gambling- not to mention a little work on Teiai's human slave facility. AGI's general structure and set-up wouldn't be new to him, and he's more than capable of schmoozing his way into some of the more cushy positions and then backing it up with his capabilities.

Character Name: Xemnas
Character Journal: [personal profile] edge_of_nothing
Justification: X.E.M.C. affiliated with AGI

Character Name: Xigbar
Character Journal: [personal profile] madannoshashu
Justification: X.E.M.C. affiliated with AGI


Character Name: Daedalus Yumeno
Character Journal: [personal profile] gaveherwings
Justification: Daedalus favors a scientific approach to stabilizing the core over AGI's alternatives. With a background in BioMedical/Genetic Engineering Research, he could be approached for various projects, and affiliated to have access to better laboratory equipment for personal research.
First contracted by SERO recruitment at Raul Creed's recommendation, to test the effects of UV-light rays on creatures of darkness and develop Anti-Darkness projectiles (FP shells) for weapons division.

Character Name: Kevin Ford
Character Journal:[personal profile] southernreaper
Justification: Kevin was gotten out of jail (per Mod approval) by SERO and has become a 'waste disposal technician' for them. Right now, he's very, very small, and won't be doing any human remains.

Character Name: Lee Chaolan
Character Journal: [personal profile] excellentviolet
Justification: Aside from being invited to the Annual Synergy Retreat, Lee Chaolan is the president of Violet Systems, a world-leader in humanoid robotics and artificial intelligences. Its trademark product line is the Combot line of fighting droids which have gone from simple, clumsy fighting robots to sophisticated, more humanoid structures of steel and wire programmed with a more formidable fighting AI developed by Chaolan himself. He aims to make a name for himself on the island as well, while working under SERO. He also wishes to get better access to the core in order to investigate its technology.

Character Name:Leonard McCoy< /br>
Character Journal:[personal profile] doctor_mccoy< /br>
Justification:SERO< /br>
McCoy's obviously well versed in advanced treatments, research and medicine, but requires better and more plentiful resources to work with than the hospital can offer him. He was spurred to join during the outbreak in search of a cure, and will continue to work for SERO to help advance medicine.

Character Name: Magneto/ "Jacó Ribiero"
Character Journal:[profile] makes_asteroids
Justification: An emergency doctor and both an extremely skilled geneticist - enough to genetically engineer people from scratch and a physicist - "my discoveries could revolutionize partial physics if I cared to claim them". And the Mutant can generate POCKET WORMHOLES.

Character Name: Marrow
Character Journal:[personal profile] gene_national
Marrow requires the scientific and medical expertise of SERO to keep her mutation under control and maintain her current appearance. In return, she can offer her expertise at wetwork and combat, having experience as a terrorist, superhero, and government agent for two agencies.

Character Name: Riku
Character Journal: [personal profile] dawnward
Justification: After Kairi's gone missing, he and Joe ([personal profile] madeinoblivion ) have decided to double-team and join each of the affiliations in order to search for Kairi and gain more information. Riku's chosen SERO because he's older and has seen more of them at Lion's Gate. Xehanort's Heartless was also a former scientist and would be taking access to this information.

Character Name: Sheldon Cooper
Character Journal:[personal profile] theorizes
Justification:< /br>
Sheldon is a theoretical physicist that is, genuinely, brilliant. He will be working with Hillsdale to continue his research on string theory and he occasionally will teach at the university if needed. He isn't very interested in the politics of it all -- he just wants to practice his research to his heart's content and not be bothered.

Character Name: Szayel Aporro Granz
Character Journal:
Justification: Aizen told him to. Not only under orders to do so, but Szayel would have instantly jumped at the chance for easily accessible lab equipment. The fact that "he was already here" is just working in his favor. The loyalty he shows them is totally fake, though.

True Neutral

Character Name: Mary Winchester< /br>
Character Journal:[personal profile] refrigeratormom< /br>
Justification:She's a Greeter slash bounty hunter, and after so long of being neutral, is paranoid about affiliation just as a rule.

Character Name: Uryuu Ishida
Character Journal: [personal profile] sequincy
Justification: Uryuu despises the unethical practices of both SERO and AGI, and his pride and strong sense of morality would not allow him to affiliate with either, even for a mundane job.

Double Agent
[to be filled out pending requests]

Character Name: Axel
Character Journal: [personal profile] got_it_memorizd
The faction you are currently affiliated with: AGI (X.E.M.C.)
Justification: Axel works for Xino Mao, but he's already forged an informant relationship with Riku, who's playing for SERO's side. He doesn't know that yet, but since he's working as a runner for Riku as his 'day job' I'm sure it will come up sometime soon. He had plans to attempt to infiltrate SERO anyway; this just means he and Riku can play mole without ever physically having to set foot over enemy lines. Score!

Character Name: Riku
Character Journal: [personal profile] dawnward
The faction you are currently affiliated with: SERO
Justification: Joe/Riku Replica ([personal profile] madeinoblivion ) and him have decided to get as much information on the opposing sides as possible to keep their friends out of their hands and to track down more information. Riku's got SERO, Replica has AGI. In truth, they're probably actually neutral or have no affiliation, but that's just how they're going to keep up the charade for now.
**Note: If they potentially swap sides for the day/week, they will be swapping ID cards and NVs.


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