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This is a suggestion box post for the mods of Siren's Pull. If you have a suggestion for an event, a game-wide plot, suggestions for aspects of the modship that aren't working out right for you, layout issues, missing or broken links, or if you notice a spelling error or grammar fail on any page of the information - please post it here and let us know.

We as mods really appreciate and welcome any and all player input, be it praise or critique. We know that everyone's human, and that includes mods. To put it bluntly, four brains are better than three, and a dozen are even better. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and for the community info to come across as professional, easy to read, and informative. We respect our players as fellow human beings with intelligence, strengths, and experience that can benefit the game as a whole, so please share if you can think of a better or more efficient way that things could be handled, and we will take it into consideration.

Surfing or interested non-members are also more than welcome to post problems with spelling/grammar/links/unclear information/layout glitches.

If you find a broken or missing link in the community info, or any kind of spelling or grammar failure, please feel free to copy and paste the text in the box below and put it in a comment to notify us so we can fix it as soon as possible!

Thank you for being interested enough in our game to contribute.


[rules | faq | mod information | player contact | suggestion box]

[wanted characters | taken characters | reserves | applications]

[drop/hiatus | starter apartment listing | housing/jobs/vehicles | affiliation list/request | news notification post]

[basic world info | in-depth world info | maps and locations | bestiary and darkness guide | npc info and contact | bounty hunting info]