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This is a post put up specifically for players to alert the mods if their character or someone else's has done something that has a good chance of making the news. Some examples: murdering two or more NPCs in public, destroying a home or something in a public place (please contact mods first if it's the size of an apartment building or more), robberies of stores or homes, getting into a fight involving powers in a public place. There are a lot of things that can make the news in Siren's Pull, and we'd like to know if any of these things are player-driven so we can acknowledge player activity by putting them in the daily news feeds.

Players are still more than welcome to contact the mods about these newsworthy events via IM, PM, or email, but this form is also available for ease of contact. All posts are screened to avoid news spoilers for players not involved, and the mods will comment back to your suggestions to let you know we've read them.

Thanks for contributing, everyone!


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